Daiwa Bala Jigs / Asari Invader Jigs

Many people have been asking me about the jig i used in my recent Pekan trip. Here's some heads up on the jig that i used. The jig i was using was a copy of the Daiwa Bala jig. The advantage of the Daiwa Bala jig is that there are many types of actions you can work with. Also, the design means that if the hooks and rubber octopus get snagged onto corals and the kevlar gives way, you still get back the jig.

Here's a picture on the Daiwa Bala Jig by Daiwa...

* Three anchor points deliver triple the action
* Tie to the nose anchor point for slow retrieves
* Use the tail anchor point for fast, deep-diving runs
* Use ventral Anchor Point 2 for short, jerking action

I am using a Asari Invader jig which copies the Bala jigs design. But the only problem is that the action of cutting of the jig is not similar... But it still works! And the best thing is they're available from 20g to 150g unlike the Bala jig which only has 80g and above... You can get it from Deep Sea Tackle or Tackle 2000.

The Asari Invader

How I work it:
Cast it out far and let it sink all the way to them bottom. Start with fast jerking movements and do 2 - 5 jerks and get the jig off the bottom. You can either release line again or wait for the jig to get back to the depth as the weight brings it back down. Repeat this action until the jig is near you and then reel it up. It's a highly effective method and you will rarely get snagged if you do it well enough.

Clipping your swivel to the tail will produce faster runs and clipping your swivel to the top part will produce lifelike motion. If you want to just do vertical bouncing, remove the rubber octopus and attach it to the tail end.

You may wanna change stock hooks... They're okay but don't stay sharp long...

I'm going to get more of these jigs from Tackle 2000... hehehe!


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