Thursday, May 5, 2011

Giant Grouper Caught At Ah Fatt Kelong at Sibu

Amazing catch from Sibu Kelong... Wonder what bait he used? Funny thing is that the grouper was kinda "dumb" and didn't try to run into the stakes or structures. Well, that's fishing i guess.

I'll be heading to Pekan again tomorrow night. Let's see what the trip holds. We'll be doing popping/jigging for 1 day at Nail Island(tie ding dao) and bottom baiting/jigging for parrots and ebeks on another day. Let's hope the boat does not break down again!


Paddy Pike said...

That is one huge Fish, And the footage of the capture was fantastic,

Anonymous said...

Poor fish..i was there when it was 'hooked up'. Trophy fish, Subjective..They left the fish to die but didn't even bring the fish back to Singapore...Someone even kicked the fish a few times when it was just brought up...RIP..