Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year Eve's Rainy Rainy Afternoon

Momok and me were determined to get our last fish of the year. It was extremely sunny throughout the day. It was hard to sift through the spot as it's been ages since i was here.

When i reached the spot though, dark clouds started to loom. I saw a black figure moving slowly across the water's edge. It was a great big Toman. I setup quickly but quietly... it was gone... But then, my first cast on a new Pencil that i brought in was rewarded with a take! What?!?! That fast?! A cute Toman baby was hauled in.

On pencil

The rainy started on me and momok with the groundsheet backup was still not here. I crouched below a shady tree while i waited for him. The next few moments were hilarious... Two grown excited men holding up a groundsheet on both ends with our bags in the middle! We persevered and it was soon time to rumble!

The rain was still thick but we ventured out to fish. Momok tried hard with a Trophy Scumfrog. And yup he did get a take ... another smallie... It seems as though the Peacock Bass were not around with the heavy rain...

On froggy...

The rain went away and we casted as we covered the banks. Small peacocks of 4 inches were carefully caught and released but no big ones! Then, i got a a pam size one which took near the banks. Still no big ones...

Last fish of 2010

We bashed out... Momok's last fish of the year a decent Toman while mine... a finger pb... We will be going all out to get our first few fishes of 2011 the next day at Pasir Ris Farmway 3... What a ride it was... Until the next update! All fishes were caught and released.

Some bonus gifs!

Kungfu master...

Not happy or happy?!


Paddy Pike said...

Hahaha i love what you have done with the Pictures Nigel,
And i also think you and Momok are very good fishermen, I hope you both catch loads this year,
All the best,

Anonymous said...

The gif so funny..... Good job