Wednesday, April 28, 2010

White Rabbit Rubber Lures

I came across the White Rabbit series of rubber lures quite some time ago when i just started luring. Back then, the lure landed me one of my first few Belidas, Peacock Bass and even some Grouper.

I visited Alan's Shop CHOP HOCK HENG last week and out of some usual itchiness i got some of the rubbers. I got the interesting gold coloured ones which Alan said doesn't work. Let's see whether what he says is true.

Anyway, the lures main action is the wriggly tail. You can work it slow or fast or simply let it stay at the bottom when there is some bottom current and the tail will wriggle along. For me, i like to work it fast cutting through the water. It's great for getting distance on your casting and highly workable(remove the trebles) along snags or rocks. Best of all... It comes cheap!

Visit the below link for more information on orders/charges!


Alan chan said...

Yesterday someone came and got 20 packets of the gold ones......and he told me Ed's pond work wonder ! :x

Nigel said...

bo liao?!?!?! walan!!!