Friday, April 30, 2010

The Spinfly Rig

Here's a modest and/or rough sketch on the Spin fly rig that is very popular here in Sunny Singapore. Spin fly rigs came about when fishermen realised that species like Peacock Bass respond viciously to flys but to accommodate the modern fisherman and his conventional spinning rod, the fly was put on a rig that the angler is able to cast easily with his spinning setup. Clousers are usually used with the rig. There are many versions of this rig but this is what i usually use. I usually clip the split shots near the loop. If i have time i would close the loop with a ball bearing swivel. You can use a snap at the other end if you like to constantly change flies.


Spin fly rigs are extremely useful because of the distance you can achieve(if using split shots). Flys are also relatively cheaper than lures and tempt a large array of species. Bass usually respond well to flys even if the usual lures aren't working.

There can be a variety of ways to work the fly which include fast twitching with pause, darting fast twitch on the surface and even long whipping. Some folks just reel the fly in!

It usually the lure fisherman's last resort when the fish simply aren't biting!

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