Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is There Hope!?!?

Our fishing grounds at Singapore have taken such a beating that i wonder whether we would even recover.

I was with Momok at Lower Seletar Reservoir(LSR) legal area fishing for the Peacock Bass that used to be so common last time.  It was so easy to get a few fish last time that i remembered having a fun time testing out new methods and lures to get those fish. They were good sized with at least 1 lbs to 5 lbs even. I had so much fun casting out light spoons and spinners. It was very entertaining seeing the fish zip around and attack my spoons... more so when they took the spoon on the drop.

The conclusion? Well, there are still fish alright but inconsiderate angling are hurting even the resilient Peacocks... When you see those foreign baiters(to put it nicely) move out onto the illegal areas and do a little bit of bashing, you get a pretty good idea of the fish that are left in the legal area! A little optimism though was that i saw a young angler release a young Toman back to her mate. Good on him!

Tested a fly of Momok's... I didn't hesitate much when choosing from his pool of his flies which he had the recent craze to tie. I might get myself a vise too... hmmm... hehe... what mean Gamakatsu hooks he used for the fly. Look at the tear on the mouth!


Fish Whisperer said...

Too bad your waters are getting overfished. It seems to be happening everywhere.
Tight lines

Nigel said...

I liken it to sieving for gold in a river... it never gets more... only lesser each time... Well we make do with what we have.