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Jungle Luring Toman Singapore

On a chilly Sunday morning when normal people sleep their way through, Crazy people like Momok and me went out for a bash deep into a spot that we had just discovered. Only that instead of starting at 0630, we somehow started at 0900. Hopes weren't high since the wind and sun had already picked up by the time we started fishing. While waiting for Momok in the clearing, i had a few Peacock Bass throw hooks on me. It didn't seem to be a good start.

While trekking towards the spot, we even came across an Ang Mo lurer who was dressed in camo vests and pants. It seems you see new things everyday you fish. He remarked that he got a few Peacock Bass and even a 4.5lbs Temensis at first light.

Mok and me hurried towards the end of the small tributary which stemmed from the vast body of water that was Upper Seletar. Once we reached the end of the river system, Mok and me were excited to start casting as we got jumpy about our newly found hole within the hole. I cast beside a fallen log and had a small snakehead attack my lure but no hook up. I was doing all sorts of stunts today which included climbing over to fallen logs to retrieve snagged lures and sliding down slope for more favorable casting space.

Just then, i heard a loud splash of water erupt 3 metres away from where Mok was stationed at. I heard him struggling with the fish as i rushed across to help him. My first thought was Arowana as i heard the fish thrash about wildly. As i got to Mok, he was saying something about a freshwater grouper. That got me real confused and disorientated.

When the fish finally came in, it was neither a grouper nor an Arowana but a beautiful greenbacked and purple bodied Channa. The fished thrashed around and gave a good account of itself. It was at long last landed comfortably albeit many worrying incidents like the fish sliding downslope back into the water and "crawling" around in the bushes.

After a few pictures, the fish was returned to where it belonged. Seeing that the surrounding waters were disturbed, I guessed we were probably done for the day.

Hensem Momok

Temensis Temensis... where art thou

We made it back to civilization around mid day... With Mok claiming his prize with his coupon and me still having to wait for mine.


Fish Whisperer said…
Wow, Great catch. It was worth the hike into the bush.
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