Sunday, February 28, 2010

Discovery Channel's River Monsters

Hi everyone, have not been fishing lately due to being super busy. I went bashing today without my rod and found a few suitable spots.

Tomans could be seen cruising the waters like Arowana and darting off in another direction with the bubble trail slowly moving. It seems its the Toman brooding season now because i saw green/purple Tomans hanging around the area but they were not feeding actively but cruising around. There were also a few new batches of small red Toman fries around small mamas.

Anyway, i'm currently hooked onto Discovery Channel's River Monsters. They are showing this show now and the current episode if the Wels Catfish in Spain. But i missed many episodes and can't wait for the others so i'm gonna go get the videos. The size for all episodes are quite big but ill be borrowing AG's HD... kekeke...

Go to discovery to watch some previews!

Btw this is damn interesting too. Heli fishing and crazy fishing

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