Eging for Squid at Punggol End Jetty

I had nothing on the first day of the Lunar New Year so since Momok had his car, we went to a very common Eging spot which will be gone very soon anyway. We have been hearing that the squids have been arriving in small numbers.

It's no surprise that they are in because during this period last year, i had caught many squids from this spot. It is during this time that there will be a spike growth in the sea grass and it seems like this attracts more squids. It's only a little disturbing since the squids are not coming in good numbers this year.

I arrived at the spot way before Momok and started on my own. I prefer to fish the incoming tide exactly 3 hours before the full tide. I normally do this on a neap current day with a crescent moon as i feel it makes the squid more aggressive. However, today's current was quite fast according to the tide table and it was a moonless night.

This was the first trip that i brought my Protech Magic Spin Light and i wondered how it would perform. I started Eging with the cheap Daiso squid jig that i just got recently. I call it the "Fire Tiger" Egi simply because the design of the squid jig was like a tiger. Since this year was the year of the Tiger, i thought perhaps i could use some feng shui luck to compliment my egi hunt. Hahaha...

The jig was worked very slowly and the pause between the strokes extra long due to the relatively strong wind. I was banking that the squids would be pretty shy tonight.

Evidence of shy squids can be seen when reef squids are usually hooked up by the two front long tentacles only. The squids also do not rush at the squid jigs and sometimes follow it back. Sometimes, light taps can be felt by the squid. The trick in this situation is to go slow and be wary of the taps. Once a squid notices your Egi, it's only matter of time before it decides to go for it. If you feel a tap and it's still not working, try darting actions or rapid/extra slow strokes.

I was only 10 minutes into my Eging when i felt a squid tapping on my squid jig on the pause. I waited for awhile before lifting the squid jig off the bottom and i felt the familiar tugging presence of a squid on the hook. I reeled it in and managed to get a few photos amidst the curious Valentine's day couples whom were crowding around me.

Firetiger Daiso Egi PROVEN deadly!

A group of squid hunters and even Timothy who reads my blog, joined in later and they got a big green eye. They had hooked up many baktao and it seems that the baktaos seem to be in good number and size. who came later on, also managed to land on baktao. That's pretty rare because  seldom lands anything. Oops.

Momok finally arrived after getting lost... And the moment he said hi was the moment i got my next squid. I was using a Yamashita squid jig...

The next squid after that was also mine. I was working the squid jig around the shallow waters when i felt a light tap. Instinctively, i lifted my rod up and i silently cursed myself because i should have waited awhile more. Thankfully, i got lucky and double lucky when the squid was brought up without dropping.

A Shy Squid

Momok was losing hope and trying all sorts of stunts when he finally scored with his Orangy jig.

Packing them up....

We packed up after that as a school of baitfish surrounded the whole jetty after that. They were a mix of Juvenile Giant Herring and Assam fish from what i could make out. There were definitely predators under them and we spotted travelling Guhoods and big yellow tail-ed mullets. All these would be gone in the future... Sigh...

Anyway, it seems like the squids are either not in full force YET or it simply means that the squid population has taken such a beating that it may never recover... not like it has a future anyway.


feng said…
can share with me your eging spot or bring me and my friends alot? always wanted to find a way to contact you 'privately' haha. thanks
Nigel said…
hmmm...u can always email me if u need to contact me. eging spot is at labrador park or punggol haha

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