Luring with Frogs for Snakehead Toman

It's been weeks since i went Snakehead hunting. Have been hitting them like nuts during past weeks and somehow was kinda bored of them. But soon, the itch began to fester and with the ebbing of the rainy season, Chocolate Land can finally return to its former glory! I was to bring a VIP yesterday to the haven but both of us couldn't wake up. As a result, i was peering at the skies almost every few hours on Saturday... I hoped it wouldnt rain... All was well and today morning, we bashed in to the haven. Good golly, the sky was clear today and by 635am it was already wayyy bright. Bad estimation on my part! Now we would miss the daybreak timing! Hit the first area but nothing seemed interested although there were the usual big boofs beside the water plants. My my... I guess i CNR-ed too many Snakes! They weren't interested in any surface chugs or frogs! Moved on to the next area with the VIP. This time, the VIP had a good orientation on the whole terrain and began casting with purpose. I guess i was pretty lucky to find my SC that used to be stuck on the treetop sitting on the forest floor! The winds and rain must have somehow managed to unsnag the lure. A big thanks to Tua Beh Kong and Qi Gong! Focused on my twitching and made a big commotion at the water hole but no takes... Not even a sniff. The water was pretty stagnant and the whole place looked pretty badly mangled. Looks like the storms had a good cleansing effect. Just then, i heard a loud boof coming from the VIP side. The sound of the tiny 500 reel "ting ting ting!" ... Slight orgasm. Then i heard it "tinggggggggggggggggg" and with another big splash, the fish went into the weeds and struggled there. VIP passed the Xpuyu 4 - 8lbs rod to me and i tried to get the fish out to no avail. Somehow, the fish was still there. It must have been a solid hookup. After a tense 10 minutes, i still could not get the fish and i had no choice but to go into the water... Bad move by me and i gave up as soon as i got into the water because it was too deep. The recent rainwaters had me soaked up to the waist and i could not go deeper. By this time, i had no choice but to go for broke and try to get the fish out by brute force.... SOMEHOW, the fish managed to leap out of the weeds and up onto the water hyacinths! I quickly dragged the bugger towards me and grabbed the leader. What a miracle landing!!! Photos were taken and after the poor fish got its surgery, it was released back. 

Tomman Tiny 500 and Xpuyu 4 - 8lbs can do frogging? Sure bo! Pumpkin Skin Scumfrog... Now proven.  

No more action after that but we did get the consolation of seeing a Toman leap into the air like a torpedo! Amazing!


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