Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eging Yesterday

After a loooooooong loooooooooong break from eging, i decided to get back into it after seeing some CBW CR and of course test out my new VFOX jigs...

How was the Vfox jig action? The action was not that bad the jig nose first but i felt the jig sank a little too fast and whilst stroking, it is a little too heavy to work with... I guess i'm just too spoilt by Yamashita's flawless jigs...Kekeke... Anyway, nothing landed on the VFOX.

When i reached the place... Oh boy it was super crowded... In the past, everyone will be slow cranking but i think now if you're a passerby you will be damn scared because almost everyone including ah lao are doing the "ALAN CHAN" Stroking... Fiittt Fwah Fittt Fwah... Almost couldnt recognise the place. Most of the people are using Yozuri Shrimphunter... and i thought i would have some serious competition today. There were a few flashy and "pro" eging-er there using eging rods and some high end stuff...

If you think ALAN CHAN STROKING is damn wow... You should see this people... FITTT FWAH FIT FWAHHH... so damn loud until got one time, their line can actually snap. Oops.

Anyway, on my 5th cast to the kelong spot ive got my first squid of the night... A good medium sized one... I thought tonight will be a good night but sigh... The winds got too strong and the water was abit murky. Don't think the season is here yet. Better luck next time...


Oh ya i played with a baktao later on... It took the jig and fell back into the water... and it kept taking the jig and felling back. Wahahaha... I tested my setting of the hook into the squid with it and it keep entertaining me... Just that someone i striked too hard, the baktao kinda died instantly... The head pulled i think. Oops.


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