Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNY Reunion Dinner Squid Harvest at Punggol Jetty

Still sore from a sucky Sunday trip, i planned to go eging tonight as i was damn itchy and i wanted to get more squids to add on from my previous trip for my CNY Reunion Dinner steamboat. This time, i was going to some secret spot that i believe have some squits.

Momok decided to join me i and i met him at the spot. I was there for around 5 minutes before momok came and he started setting up.

As he was setting up, i received an SMS from ^fishy^(the pro) saying he wants the Yamashit squit jigs im selling. Wow the moment i got the SMS, i hit a squid by the side... Kekeke! Thanks ^fishy^. I love you deep deep lah.


Anyway, by this time momok damn poisoned liao faster setup and cast out. Kekeke... We casted around but nothing much then i saw this cute baktao floating by and cast out to it. It just grab the jig and won't let go. Kekeke...


We tried awhile more and we hit some squids here and there but they are not in full force. Momok caught something interesting.


We keep trying but seems like the squids are hanging around in the structures more so i worked my jig around the structures with slow crank and got a few here and there. Seems like today the squids not responding to stroking but slow crank is good for them. But like i said in my egi tip, slow crank is not easy especially for me as i have fast reflexes. In slow crank, you must detect the squid grabbing your jig. Today the squids grabbed the jig lightly and sometimes i could not feel the them. After they grab, you must wait awhile before you strike if you reel in or strike too early, the squid will let go.

I even managed to get one squid on my trademark sit down eging style. Wahaha!

End of the day, not so bad for some quick itch.


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