Yozuri, Yamashita and Exori Squid Jigs Comparison

Flipping on the bed with many thoughts in the head yesterday night... So what the heck... Grabbed my tackle and soon walking to the bus stop. Mission was stress relief eging at old haunt... What to do. Nobody bring me fishing.

Reached the spot before 12am and what the heck. The water was very clear and bright due to full moon but it was helluva wind out there. Made a few casts but the wind made it difficult to control and the egi jig was being swept to shore. Gave up and sat down eating my potato chips. 30mins later i opened another pack of potato chips...

Finally the time came when it was downgoing tide. Water started moving and i tried my best to get the first squid of my night. It is not easy to get squids here anymore. One must know where they are and get the right technique to hunt them down. In the past it was lo jiak! !@#$%%#@!

Casted towards shore with the jetty stuctures being a main focus point. Technique used was stroking slowly. A hit was soon registered and i followed up with a strike... Eh... NOTHING?1?! Then i reeled up to find this beauty... Already dead when it came up. I guess the strike KO-ed it. Hahahaha!

Smaller than my jig!?!?

The squid was given to an Ah Lao for baiting...since he so desperately wanted it.

Casted at that area but no more takes. So i walked some distance away and tried the same area from a different angle point. This time from the rocky area. Clipped on a size 3.0 because rocky area will require a jig which can hold well if not it will get snagged easily if the current pushes it into the rocks. STroke and stroke... banging the rocks like searching for gaos... On the 4th cast halfway thru my stroking... Bam! And SQUID ON!

This Unknown Jig FINALLY PROVEN!

Worked the rocky area a few more times before putting on my thinking cap and wondering where are they?!?! Hmmm...

Casted again and again... Slow crank fast crank whatever crank... NOTHING. Water stopped moving and i sat down to eat a packet of prawn crackers. Next target time was incoming tide at 4am. I couldnt sleep though and drifted in and out of reality.

4am... Wind stopped, tide halfway there, water calm. PERFECT.

i stepped up... Confident with my song and dance...

Stroke after stroke... I still continued casting, shifting angles and covering the stuctures and rocks. And still my song continued playing but without reward. Until i decided to do my legendary move... The sitting down eging stance with leg sprawled forwad. The ah lau fishing look at me one kind... With the out of this world face but i continue my stance...

First cast, 3rd stroke upwards... Rod bending! Wahahaha! It worked! But up came a... Baktao?!?!

After that i tried one of my squid attracting techniques at this ground. I casted far out towards the rocky outcrops and did fast jerky retrieves with pauses. This retrieve is meant to attract all nearby squids with the movement. The squids will not take because it is too fast but they will chase. I looked out for any movement behind my jig and i saw a small squid chasing after the jig. Once i paused my retrieve, it swam back to its cover under the jetty. Looks like i must use a more kelong jig.

So they're hiding below the jetty? I thought to myself... Clipped on the Yamashita Egi Oh and did a sun wukong cast which landed just beside pillar 2 at the jetty. Wa piang... Goalkeeper...

A total of 3 Goalkeeper squids more i managed to hook up and after that the school disappeared or all fished up.

A few more minutes when i thought the action died down... All hell broke loose. Many squids seen darting on the water surface... Baktaos surfacing... I noticed the one thing that was changed. Tide was on the move, wind was zero and the current was towards shore.

Casted to a floating baktao and it grabbed the jig asap.

But then, the wind started again and the perfect timing of the upcoming tide waves crashed against my fishing area. Clouds of sand and rubbish floated around leaving me shocked. No more squids!

Disappointed, i went to the shallows and played swirly twirly with my jig. Twirling it around the water surface and just day dreaming... Then BzzZzzzt... My rod gave a good bend and the "thing" went below the jetty before i could do anything. Thinking it was a fish, i locked my spool with my finger and gave a good strike... Which resulted in my jig flying out from below the jetty. Nabeh!

So next few seconds was curse and swear wondering whether that thing was a squid or fish. The following few seconds, i got back to reality and accepted what happened happened...

Then the "thing" darted out again... It was a big squid lah! This time, it did not grab my jig immediatley so i played a little twirly wirly and gave a mini twitch or two. It closed in... I moved my jig to its left and teased the giant... Thinking the prey was going to escape, the squid acted without pause. A second later, my whole jig was in its jaw area.

Knowing that the next few seconds will be priceless, i braced myself and gave a good set that the squid would feel deep deep... As drag was pretty high, the squid could only move backwards... Trying to get away but after pulling and struggling for awhile, it was soon brought me. And boy, i guess its my biggest local squid to date!

A line up of the squids... Landed 11, given away 2. The remaining 9 is destined for reunion dinner with yours truly!

Hope you enjoyed the writeup. I have no talent for this but i try.

Pictures below:


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