Saturday, January 24, 2009

Succesful Eging Trip at Punggol Jetty

Hello baktaos!

Haven't been updating for quite some time as i have been busy...

Went squidding last night but the catch wasn't good. It was with luck that i managed to hit the last of the 20 squids that my mum wants for the steamboat. Here's the story...

I was still missing a few squits to complete the 20 that i told my mum i would get and decided tonight would be a good night. Tide would be moderate flow and i hoped to catch the early morning upcoming drift. It was a very suay start for me. The first thing i forgot was my jacket when i reached the bus stop. I left it at home. Well... I had no choice but to go home to grab it as it will be suicide without a jacket with the monsoon winds blowing in the night at the spot.

After grabbing my jacket, i miss my bus. And not only that... I missed my second bus and my train as well!

I was wondering if it is a sign telling me i should not go eging tonight... But i went anyway!

There were not alot of people fishing at the jetty but many lovers there. The first people i saw were an ah lau squidder and the famous cuda uncle. The ah lau squidder really put on a show when he saw me. Loading his blank like mad and the mono line fluttering in the wind. Ahhh~ Music to the ears. My ass.

After eging for 40mins i stopped and rest. Apparently the squits were not here. I changed my jig to my exori green which has never failed me before. Bottom wrecking time!

After a few strokes... I reeled my jig back to find a school of medium sized green eyes tailing the jig. Wow! But they were just following and did not want to take the jig. Then, i believed my Yamashita purple warrior would do it for me. Quickly brought up the exori and clipped on a Yamashita. I casted a few meters from the squids and did some walk the dog. Bam! The squid take was ferocious. I have never encountered such a fierce take... Perhaps these are horny squids?

The fierce take was followed by a extremely large cloud of ink. The squid was hauled up and the process repeated. Another squid was hauled up from the school before it swam off.

After this... It was DEAD SILENT as the tide ebbed away.

Then i saw a COUPLE doing some hanky panky...or so i thought. The "guy" in the couple actually was a girl... WTH? Lesbian party? Then their guy friend started joining in and touching them. It was no couple but a triple! I felt damn digusted and ate my peanuts...


The sound of the incoming waves crashed and my purple warrior was ready for the game. Explored everywhere and cast almost at all possible squid hideouts. Only managed to get one squid. But during the squidding i saw a big shadow behind my jig following. Everytime i reeled my jig up, it would swim away... But then when i was stroking it would follow again. On the next cast, i let my jig hang below me and i saw that it was a huge fish hiding behind the cover. WTFISH MAN!

Tried all methods to attract the fish to my jig but it simply followed and did not take. Sigh...

The next moment was a priceless one...

A big mud crab swimming near the shore was approaching and the fish swam behind it. With the fish swimming near the shore, i could finally determine what fish it was. A beautiful MJ...At least 4lbs in weight and a deep intense red. What a beauty... From the water, one can see the muscular back that the MJ had. This is totally different from when you bring the MJ up on land. When i saw the fish swimming in the water in its natural environment... It simply amazed me. It did not swim gracefully like the KBL... It was a stalker.

The mud crab instantly picked up pace and literally swam away. But the fish went in from the side and slammed into the crab. Some sand was thrown up but the crab got away from the fish. The fish went in for another take but this time the crab stood still with claws outstretched. The fish circled the crab and then swam off.

Crab VS MJ! Who would guess the unlikely victor was the crab!

Anyway, enough of crab vs mj... Here's my pic for the night!

Only 3 squits which were medium in size... Going into the pot this coming Sunday.


Have a good CNY everyone! May this year be a good one!

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