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Barramundi hunting with Jeff Tsen, SAF Yacht Club, Sembawang

Superb barramundi taken on light rod and SS700 reel!

The weather and tide looked good tonight and we were thinking it would be an awesome night for sampan fishing. In fact, Jeff hooked up a decent barramundi on his first cast (and he also called it a catfish midway through the fight). The fish was taken right outside the restaurant - always an underrated spot and newbies often say, "huh? so near only?" but when the line peels out and the fish gets landed, different story. 

We landed another two fish (a baby kim and ack which we released) through the night before we gave up. Not much sign of boofs and baitfish. 

 Catch report post from Jeff:


 TikTok video from Baktao:
@baktao Sampan fishing with a guy that lives and breathes barramundi. The legendary captain underpants. Who wants to go? #sgtiktok #fishingtiktoks #fishinglife #singaporefishing #fishingsg #fishingtrip #fisherman #fishing #sgfishing #barramundi #seabass #sembawang #fish ♬ Super Mario Bros. - Overworld - 8-Bit Arcade


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