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Bubu (fish trap) fishing with Jeff Tsen, Dr. Rod

All in a few hours of tough work!

Want to do a "Singapore Deadliest Catch?" Jeff, our usual go to guy when we need fresh fish and some fishing action asked me if I wanted to retrieve and deploy some bubus and I think almost instantly, I said "let's go!"

Pulling bubus in Singapore can be an extremely difficult and grueling style of fishing but it is rewarding. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually very sustainable as you can keep what you want and it also doesn't pollute the ocean (unless of course your bubu got lost which nobody wants)

We set sail from Sembawang Yacht Club to pull the bubus and wondered whether we would have enough to "keep for CNY", a Singaporean thing in which every end of the year to CNY, everything also we want to keep for CNY.

So what was the CR except for the extremely back breaking work? Some of the bubus were full of fish, one had two crabs while one had only one giant puffer fish which looked like it ate all the other fishes. Other than a good harvest for us, I also had a newfound respect for the fishermen that do this on a daily basis. It's one thing to "keep fish for CNY" and it's another to do this day in, day out, as a living.

Ok, CR time!

Prized catch in the bubu

Great teamwork and kakis!

Let's go!

Limited edition bak bag
Enjoy the video overview!
@baktao Bubu adventures starto! Juvenile sized fish were released. #bubu #fishing #fisherman #fishermanslife #sgfishing #sg #singapore #fish #fishtrap ♬ 嗚呼、我が浪漫の道よ - PelleK


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