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Sampan Fishing Singapore at Sembawang with Jeff Tsen, Dr Rod from RodStation

Missed another one. It swallowed the bait but didn't hook up correctly. All I got back was some rough leader.

Long time never go "Sampan Fishing" already. In fact, my last trip doing it was in 2017 where I caught a decent size mangrove jack (the red red big big kind).

I'll state it quite clearly: If you're looking to catch a decent barramundi, a sampan fishing trip is the way to go. No, I am not talking about those Frankenstein kind of barramundi that belong to the kelong nets but the kind that still actively chases large schools of mullet. 

Some basic information about sampan trips: The fishing is around the Sembawang area. Jeff has excellent fishing spots where it is snaggy and full of rocks. There are also numerous mullet schools around. These make excellent fishing for barramundi, grouper, snapper, tarpon, barracuda. It is one of those fishing spots in Singapore that you can fish for just a few hours and "get lucky". Super ideal if you don't have time to go fishing or local fishing spots are not very productive. Some of us are like that and if you just have a few hours out, don't waste it by going to the local beach or a fishing pay pond!

We met two of these barramundi during this trip but we only landed one. Sherwinder also hooked up with a good grouper but lost it to the snags. Still a very decent night considering it rained halfway into the trip!

If you want to try sampan fishing, do get in touch with Jeff for cost sharing arrangements. 

Check out my TikTok video on the trip and also what rig to use:

@baktao One stormy night, we went for sampan fishing with Captain Underpants! #fishingtiktoks #fishinglife #fishingrod #sembawang #singapore #sg #fishing #sgfishing #barramundi #barramundifishing #fish #sampan ♬ POP! - NAYEON


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