Saturday, July 4, 2020

Swa Chiam Fishing with Prince of Peace Fishing Charters Singapore

A half day session which was blessed
It's prime time for fishing in Singapore now. Everyone is having decent catches after the circuit breaker lifted and after a few months of zero business, it is really good to see the fishing community raring to go again. If this had went on any longer, I'm sure many tackle shops and fishing charters would have closed down.

Not much fishing for me though because of work but that didn't stop me from grabbing a kaki or two who had a thing for light baiting game. Our target? We were going for something less conventional than your usual species. The fat fat swa chiams (pasir pasir, sand whiting) that Captain Jeff (Prince of Peace Fishing Charters) found for us were good fun and they were all very very big. You can't really see from the picture but all 97 pieces were almost the same length as our feet.

Almost all of them were this size!
Double hook up!
Fishing conditions are simple. In fact, if you pay my wages for a day, I would be glad to guide for these sort of trips. 1m to 3m of water. Sabiki rigs. Cut baits. Dropping the line or doing a simple cast towards the shore. Bites were almost instantaneous and when we were sick of the swa chiams, Jeff brought us to cast for some palm sized golden snappers which were a delight for the pot! There is much criticism now in bringing back small fishes but if you know your stuff, you would also know that bringing back big fishes do harm the environment and there is much evidence now that you should leave the big ones alone and bring back the small ones.

Well, cheem things aside, just not being wasteful is good enough for me. The small fish that I take I usually would fry as a side dish or use to cook soup. The giant herring will be used for crab bait or deep fried. This way, I do not need to go to the market to source for these things. This leads to a smaller carbon foot print.

Beautiful firm flesh!
Perfect size for a meal for two
The snappers were slightly harder to catch as they were finicky eaters and took small live prawns. But we managed a few! And then when the bite stopped... we went back to our swa chiam friends. If you want to fish swa chiams, downgoing will be the ideal time to fish. In fact, a few sickle fish (chao xi) also visited us and we had great fun on small sabiki rigs.

The snappers were there!
Sickle fish on sabiki. Shiok!
Sabiki rigs, size 0.5 sinker, 2m water. Where to find?! Give Jeff a call at +65 9742 8579 if you want to try. You can ask me along too if you're willing to pay my wage.

Stay safe all and be strong too.

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