Friday, July 3, 2020

Southern Island Night Fishing 2020 Update

The best catch. No point posting the rest.
Night fishing trips, heavy gears, catching squids and setting them out for the elusive giant golden snappers. This is still one of the more appealing kind of fishing trips for me as there is certain sense of helplessness against some fish you hook up at night.

And that happened this very night even when live squid was rare.

So basically what happened was that I hooked up a piece of kelong sotong to my night setup meant for harvesting fish: Calstar 20-50lbs overhead, Daiwa Genpaoh 40 with 65lbs braid, size 20 Seaguar leader which is rated about 90lbs estimated. The usual happened... bite alarm went off, I gave the fish a good yank, and reeled it off the bottom. This was all good for five seconds until the fish turned its head and nose dived. It just wouldn't stop even after I dialed a few clicks on the Genpaoh's star drag. What?! No prizes for what happened next. A humble reefing. Bite leader came back frayed. This has never happened to me before night fishing at Southern Island. Even big snappers weren't as fierce as this.

And best of all Abang was just beside me lying down (resting) and he told me, "I knew you wouldn't land the fish. Just a feeling. Yesterday they also lost a big one here."

Well... what can I say?

Anyway, the catch was below average although it wasn't bad. We only scooped like a few pieces of squid and this wasn't enough. The "nam hong" had also just started blowing and this made conditions very difficult for night fishing or even bottom fishing in particular. Different story for jigging though and on the way back we stopped by Cyrene to pick up some queenfish, sagai and selar.

It's jigging season at southern islands now.
We didn't take the fishes out for pictures but below tally is accurate:
  • 3 golden snappers
  • 1 kaci
  • 2 deep sea kims
  • 2 sagai
  • 1 golden trevally 
  • 3 queenfish
  • 1 kim chu seng
  • few selars
Oh well, heart pain for awhile...


Hedonist said...

Eh, mana keng 2 sagai (peers at ice box pic)

Nigel said...

People gave us lol