Friday, September 18, 2015

Singapore Tenya Fishing with Jimmy Lim

Baktao and friends go on a pure Tenya fishing trip on Fishing on IT'S Gr-R-Reat. So is Tenya effective? You bet it is! Hear from Jimmy as he shares with us how to do it right in Singapore waters. Tenya fishing is a less tiring way of fishing compared to using Madai jigs. Jimmy compared it to the traditional way of fishing using HK hooks.

Catch the video as he teaches you how to hook the prawn for a tenya, what tackle is suitable for Tenya and shows you his various types of Tenya such as the Shimano cupcake Engetsu. A good day out fishing at the waters near Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong and Changi!

Tenya has now picked up popularity in Singapore and is one of the most effective methods of doing offshore fishing in Singapore. I've currently brought in a batch on Red Tenya 60g which you can get from me here.


Unknown said...

Hi nigel, is tenya fishing suitable for changi boat trips? It was mention that it is less tedious than madai, but my concerns is that the light weight tenya wont be able to touch the seabed. Is that alright?

Nigel said...

Yes it is very effective. 40g to 80g commonly used at Changi ;)