14 Coconut Waters found in Singapore that you can bring for a fishing trip (or the outdoors)

Which is the best?
There are many benefits to drinking coconut water but it is only recently that the Singapore market has been flooded with these refreshing drinks. If you look closely, you can find more than 15 brands of coconut water in our supermarkets. This could be due to drink manufacturers finally adapting to Singapore consumer’s healthier choices.

These days, modern day coconut water such as UFC Refresh is also proven to contain less sugar than conventional canned coconut water and also available in large tetrapaks. Check out this site on the criteria on how to choose the healthiest coconut waters. The fact that they are packaged in tetrapaks actually reminds me of buying milk and very soon it gets into my head that whenever I grab some milk, I should grab coconut water too!

While coconut water is usually drunk as a beverage while eating out, you should also start to consider bringing coconut water on your fishing trips because of various beneficial reasons. 

Firstly, coconut water is refreshing and helps to replenish lost electrolytes. It also hydrates your body of the lost water when you’re fishing under the hot sun. If you’re having a bout of seasick, down coconut water to instantly re-balance your bodily fluids.

Secondly, drinking coconut water can lead to better skin as studies have shown that it moisturizes the skin if ingested orally. In fact, coconut water is used in a large variety of facial creams, skin conditioners and lotions. The next time you suffer from sunburn during a day of fishing, try drinking some coconut water and observe its curing effects.

Thirdly, everyone loves the refreshing taste of coconut water. It’s a simple drink that you can bring along to replace sugary soft drinks like coke.

So which coconut water did I find best for fishing? I scouted around for almost all the available coconut water found in Singapore and came up with the below nutritional list.

Nutritional Value of 14 Coconut Waters in Singapore

I found that I personally preferred less sour coconut water which is a little sweet (but not too sweet) and the coconut water should have a nutty flavor. The coconut water should also taste "pure" and although this criteria is hard to actually measure, some coconut water do taste less "pure" than others. It is an interesting statistic that Coco Life and Vita Coco coconut waters are both made in Malaysia and have a much higher sodium content than all the other coconut waters. Perhaps this is a feature of Malaysian coconuts?

Personal Baktao Ranking of Coconut Water in Singapore

I reckon the below 5 coconut waters are the top ones to bring along to your fishing trip.

UFC Refresh is the best choice for me while Tipco comes in second. Cocomax is easily available and very high on the nutrient side. Vita Coco made it to the top 5 but as it generally tasted great. Wong Coco's can coconut juice surprised me by being quite refreshing and pure. It also has coconut pulp!That's all folks.

Happy drinking coconut water while fishing!


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