Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kayak Fishing in Singapore: The Run Through

We often get funny stares while launching our fishing kayaks in Singapore at Watercross. Bewildered onlookers or surfcasters (fishing from the beach) would often check in on us and ask us many questions. I have to admit, it sometime felt like we were like an elite bunch of fishermen - something like the Seals or Commandos of fishing especially with all our macho face buffs and arm socks.

Jokes aside, what is it to really launch a kayak and go out to fish in Singapore waters? For a start, many of us store our kayaks at Watercross Pasir Ris and although it's just literally a stone's throw from the beach (where we launch), it's actually tiring work just to get to the water!

That's where one fine day I decided to take some footage of what really happens. Many things happen but in general - We have to get the kayak out, rig it up, get it to the water and finally launch. Tough work just to get to fishing I would say! But that's how it is as we run out of good fishing spots in Singapore...

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