Saturday, April 18, 2015

Featured in the Straits Times: Digging/Foraging for Shellfish in Singapore

Bring your loved ones out to experience something unique in Singapore!
How often do we forage for food in Singapore? How often do we eat what we catch or grow? Do we go fishing, prawning, crabbing in Singapore? Where do we go in an urban and increasingly crowded Singapore?

Well, the truth is that most of us Singaporeans buy what we need and our primary needs will be a wad of money instead of a good crop of plants or a trusty fishing set.

But you can't eat money right?

So I was glad when some folks from the Straits Times contacted me and they were keen in learning how to dig for clams at Kranji beach. Foraging will always be something that humankind does - the finding of food through primary means like digging, hunting or gathering is part of our survival instincts.

Bring your folks out for some good old family time or it may even be a unique dating place for couples in Singapore!

Have fun watching the video as the sporty Straits Times crew and Baktao trudge through the mud for hidden gold (clams)!

Original Article
RazorTV Article & Video (if you can't view the embedded one here)

Before you go all excited and buy a shovel though, here's baktao's (Nigel Lian) complete guide to digging for clams/shellfish/mussels.

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