Saturday, July 12, 2014

Live Flower Crab Delivery from Ah Hua Kelong

In the past, I used to frequent Changi Offshores and Boat-fishing. This would mean I had a lot of opportunity to interact with local fishermen and kelong owners. We would pass by kelong owners who were setting out nets and would sell their catches to us for a good quickie price. This was how I came to know about Live Wild Flower Crabs and their awesome freshness/sweetness that no other crabs can provide!
A previous cheap buy of live flower crabs from fishermen
We used to buy them from local fishermen and netters at $4-$6 per kg and this was very cheap considering these were freshly caught (still alive!). The netters would sometimes throw in mantis and tiger prawns for free out of good will! The main benefit of eating wild flower crabs is that the meat is not mushy but very firm. The meat is also very sweet and appetizing! Compare this to market crabs from NTUC or even wet market and it is a NO CONTEST! Crabs bought at markets often spend hours inside ice or can even be the previous day's catches. Till this day, I believe that inferior quality flower crabs are one of the reasons that Singaporeans prefer mud crabs to flower crabs. Personally, I would still go with a freshly caught giant flower crab any day!

Imagine one day when I found out Ah Hua Kelong sells these live flower crabs and even provides home delivery! At $30/kg, it was slightly pricey since you can get big ones from the tank at Sheng Siong or markets at roughly the same price. But like I said, we pay the premium for the work done to harvest these crabs by hand.

When Ah Hua's crabs finally arrived, I was surprised that it was so professionally packed with date of catch and so on. The crabs were even still alive! Which is a sign that it was just caught. The sizes were not big but medium sized and still good for eating although I was hoping for something bigger. This was because compared to market, these live flower crabs are probably caught from estuary or inshore spots with not so deep water. This sounds legit as it matches the area of Pasir Ris sea. For bigger flower crabs, you would have to head to offshore areas like Labrador park coastal areas.

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Still live!

Keeping them in some salt - water!

Anyway back to the crabs, I was very satisfied with the freshness - live wild flower crabs can't go wrong! Preparation would be standard way - light soy, Chinese wine, chilli, ginger and steam... Woohoo!

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