Fishing with Dr Tan Kuanyang and Chef Jonathan Tan

Jimmy (or Mimi) Lim's charter "IT'S Gr-R-Reat" has became my choice charters for Changi waters recently. Maybe it's because I'm biased or I just love to laugh too much but trips with him often tickle the soul. Countless stories are exchanged between the kakis and even if we heard them before, we still listen to them! Jimmy is a sincere charter captain (better not call him Boatman later he bring me catch ah seng) and this trip was no different as he extended his hospitality to KY and Chef. KY was a fisho that I known through my blog, we exchanged texts/Emails and finally got to meet each other on a Jimmy trip. Chef Jonathan was a long time friend but we did not have chance to fish because of his busy schedule. This is the beauty of fishing trips these days for me... It's a place you get to know people and to catch up with people...

The three neon gays!

With caps!
The earlier part of the day was spent at Changi Naval Base waters and the fishing was lackluster as we waited for the fishes to arrive. The fishes did arrive in sporadic batches and most of us broke our eggs with the infamous Golden Ah Seng (These catfish are priceless! You'll see why in my next fish and chips post!), Mimi had something to shout about with when his micro jigging paid off with some Queenfish... It was tough work though and the sun was bearing down on us.

Yes! Ang Cho! But too small and was CNR

Don't be fooled, its photography skills that made him look so buff

And it's also photography skills which made me look so fat

A friendly Queenfish... didn't fight much!

Everyone had their share of delicious catfish
KY got some hits with good old running sinker rig.... you can see the joy on his face... (perhaps he's reading my blog in the toilet now!)...

Grouper for KY!

kaci too!

And man of the match got his Guhood! Which his wife loves! hehe
And when he brought up a good sized Stingray, you could see the... squeamish look on his face while I teased him with the ray's tail... hahaha!

Biao made this into sambal ray!
Later part of the day was spent with trolling yet again... Biao hit a weird kok tao Tiger Group with its eyes very close to the kok tao and a decent normal orange spotted gao...while I hit a baby Tiger...

Good old tiger gao for dinner!

Ah Biao again?!
Consolation prize for me...
The later part of the trolling session saw me lose a suspected monster MJ... I was on 5kg of drag on the Daiwa morethan Branzino 3000 yet the line peeled like a freight train! Although, technically the strength of your reel drag decreases when line is paying out at a consistent rate, the feeling of getting "bullied" was unbelievable.... a few seconds later, the leader got cut on the rocks and I wasn't hopping around like a madman but just sitting down peacefully like a learned man. When you know you simply had no chance, one learns to be calm!

Next up is Jimmy with cousin and cousin's girlfriend! Cheers!


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