Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ah Seng Durian at Ghim Moh Market

Here's another non fishing related post which has got to do with the Durian! Having picked kampong durians occasionally for the past few weeks, I was itching for the "real thing" such as Mao Shan Wang, D24, XO, Red Prawn... Premium quality durians always wins kampong durians hands down! It was then that I stumbled upon the famous Ah Seng Durian at Ghim Moh Market.

I browsed through their Facebook account and found the information both useful and interesting. The fact that they put up the information shows the sincerity they have to ensure their customers get their money's worth of Durian! So I wasted no time and at around midnight, placed my reservations through Facebook (for collection the next day)!

The one and only Ah Seng Durian!
I took the public transport armed with ziplocks, airtight containers and even a soap bar the next day! When I finally reached the shop, I was amazed with the crowd there to collect their reserved durians. In fact, walk in customers were told they were sold out!

A crowd at a durian stall?!
Singaporeans rarely give good stuff a miss and the easiest way to check out the "worth and shiok" factor of a stall are long Qs! Ah Seng opened the durians that he set aside for me and I was yet again pleasantly surprised that the shop offers impulse sealing with airtight plastic at no extra cost. This was going to help me on my public transport journey!

All reserved!?!?!

MSW at $12/kg. Outrageously cheap!

My improvised ziplock, airtight container and bar of soap!

the usual giant red plastic bag lol
Sadly the durians that I wanted weren't all available but the Mao Shan Wang was still available so that was good news! The ones not available were XO and Green Bamboo!

Ah Seng had also specifically told me to eat the various durians in a sequence that he wrote down for me starting with (1) D4, (2) Kang Hai (3) Kasap Merah (4) D13 (5) Mao Shan Wang.

Ah Seng was kind enough to pose with me for a photo too. The entire homely service made me feel very welcome at the stall. It's tough to find durian sellers with integrity these days - many whom probably only want short term business. Many of them only open during the seasons, pre pack the durians for display and the worse ones sell you rotten ones or unripe ones! Some even pass off cheap durians as premium ones!

Posing with the famous Ah Seng!
After getting my durians, I had it with loved ones who were intrigued about eating so many different cultivars. It was similar to Paradise Dynasty flavoured Xiao Long Bao in which you must eat them in a certain order! I loved the bitter D4 the most while thed loved the small seeded gang hai! And of course, the creamy non fibrous Mao Shan Wang was the killer!

See the numbers? Eat in order!

The cream of the crop. MSW!

Various durian cultivars for makan!

Ok lah I had to pose too. It's not everyday you get to eat good durians!
Here's Ah Seng's address and contact! (Remember to make your reservations!)

Blk 20 #01-197 Ghim Moh Market, Ghim Moh, Singapore 270020
Mon - Sun: 13:30 - 19:00
9465 6160 /

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