Monday, December 23, 2013

Kranji Reservoir Legal Fishing Area

Fishing alone has been therapeutic for me and I have often done it solo just to have a feel of the wind on my face. It's much more relaxing than having to arrange with fellow kakis and then have to compete with other expectations. When you're alone, it's simply you and your funny nuances.

Having some good ole alone fishing time
But I have since stopped fishing more "hardcore" areas alone after having close encounters with monster wild boars, snakes and crocodiles... hence, I returned to my favourite legal freshwater spot in Singapore. It was reasonable fishing here since the spot is legal and one can expect certain surprises once in awhile if you are hardworking and lucky. I have personally landed good sized Tomans, Soon Hocks and Peacock Bass here.

I have since acquired a very special tool that would make fishing solo a more memorable experience! No longer are videos or pictures limited to a first person experience, my GoPro camera means that I am able to take more selfies, videos of me and the catches/techniques!

When I reached the spot, I was in two minds on whether to set up my cameras ASAP or whether to quickly cast out to the Toman fry school that was right in front of me! Quickly, I decide to position the camera in case some footage was to be had... Alas that was the wrong decision was the Toman fry school with it's parents quickly swam out to non casting distance even with my Genesis Assasini 7'6!

I tried out frogging at the legal areas and shifted between Areas A and B before having some good Peacock Bass fun in Area A! That's a good way to end the day... and of course, a little CNR to pave the way...

Taken on saltwater squid rig!

Here's the good ol solo video showing my experience and hope I can transmit to you the awesomeness of solo fishing ;)

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