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Temensis Peacock Bass Catch and a look into their behaviour

With the good ole spot producing a good bed of fish recently, some good ole kakis were invited to explore the urban legend of "Amazon" style luring. They were new to this and very soon the usual urban complains snickered into our lives of that day.

"Why so far one...."

"Reach already or not...."

These were the usual hot words on that day but once we reached the sweet spot, the air just simply stood still with a calm excitement - experienced kakis like Weiyee taking out lures from his lure box in a slow relaxing manner which made it seem that this was his 1000th cast.

But the first cast didn't produce much fish.... only Nigel landing a couple of Temensis with his good ole home made no frills flys.... and the gang trudged along, this time Shawn with Weiyee and me with Kiat (who wore crocs!). The usual schools were not around the same areas as the previous trip and we were hard pressed to land some good fish. Weiyee and Shawn soon gave up and crossed over to the other bank while Kiat and me were still hopeful....

As Kiat made his last cast at the current river and turned his back, I lobbed a Storm Super Skarp just under some sunken banana tree leaves. Playing with micro and small jigs in the amazon setting was now a favourite past time of mine - the good casting distance meant I could work a further stretch of water while the versatile action allowed me to employ several modes of retrieve or jigging. Lo and Behold.... as I vertically jigged the fluttering Super Skarp below the leaves, a HUGE school of big Temensis Peacock Bass in the range of 1 - 5kg suddenly ambushed my jig and circled it! It seemed as though there was some agreement on which fish should take the jig first and as they dallied, I shouted over to Kiat to RUSH OVER and cast out with smallest minnow! And the next few moments were shouts of joy and ecstasy as we hit loads of fish from the school. They ranged from 2 kg - 5kg and were great to fight on my light tackle! Shawn and Weiyee looked over in sadness from the other bank as me and Kiat hit our quotas for the day!

Kiat's first Temmy! A good sized one!

Oh yeah, another capture on the super skarp!

More hits on the lure
After we hit more than half a dozen fishes, the fishes disappeared and it was soon a good half an hour of trekking to the next river... halfway though, Shawn managed to get a Toman by sheer persistence of casting his Yozuri Tobimaru and reeling in while the rest of us lazed around near a steep opening....
Landing fish from a steep angle. I had to go down head first to boga the fish while Kiat held my feet! Just for the sake of Shawn's tiny Toman!

Shawn's tiny Toman
Alas when we reached the next river, the usual fishes were missing again or so we thought..... all of us sat down to much on our lunch while we made lazy casts when an even larger school of Temensis easily hundreds of them slowly sneaked up on our lures and began to hit them! These fish were swimming deep but just beside us from where we sat! We could see them take the lures and jigs..... casting out spin flies resulted in goalkeeper hook ups! All of us were smiling and laughing like small kids... landing multiple fishes....

They were all around us...

And they took flies readily...

Lo jiak lo jiak!

Oops what happened here?
We were absolutely satisfied and delighted with the fishing today.... it was top notch.... and we bashed back to civilization, hoping that somehow, someway.... that spot won't be "chui" the next time we head there.


Anonymous said…
Hey bro,

when will u be going again? I'll like to come along if it's possible. u can sms me @ 8627 4334 (Will). Thanks, hope to hear from u soon.

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