Monday, October 7, 2013

Sure Heng (Ah Heng) Gao Tun Madai / Maprawn Trip from RSYC 29 September 2013

Catch report courtesy of Kiato (famous Kayak angler).


Baktao Whatsapp me : " Are you interested in 29th Sept, Sure Heng, possible booking slot to take over?" Me : "OK!"

I have been on Sure Heng twice, and on the first trip, i got bullied by a biggie, as we were not able to move the boat to my favour, due to the passing tankers/ship. Second trip, i had my reel de-spooled in a couple of seconds (about 140m), it was  a freight train, and all i could do was hold on, jaw dropped.
When taking over a booking within 1.5 weeks, and scrambling to find enough kakis, there is a certain mixture of excitement. Alas, not until the last 2 days, we were able to fill the last 1-2 slots, kudos to the kakis for looking/asking around. Group chat formed on Whatsapp, questions and answers, sometimes being asked the same questions, strengthens the believe and knowledge one has, patience/ fish comes as a bonus.

With a good mix of kakis, almost everyone is familiar with bottom fishing, but on Sure Heng, Madai technique is the choice ammo. Though, the correct lingo should be "Tai Kabura" or "Tai Rubber" , as Madai is actually the name of the snapper/fish the japanese target. Vertical jigging , to mimic an octopus/squid, and this movement of colourful rubber skirt tend to draw fish to "inspect". With the local modification, to add a live prawn, "Maprawn" , they call it. The results can be surprising, and the live prawn could be the strike factor. Though i had some good results with Tai Rubber alone, effectiveness of having a live prawn cannot be ignored.

What was the rig of choice? A rod of PE2-4 (100-150gram jig wt), with a soft/ sensitive tip, but strong back bone (Long fall rods can be considered), pair it with a lefty BC reel (if you are right handed), with a button for line release. This will allow you to constantly find the bottom and "bounce" the Madai jig just above the structure/bottom, and be quick enough to address any possible snags.

What to do with a Madai snag? Release the line, let the weight of the jig drop, to help de-set the hooks, and then give it a small pull, this works for me 80% of the time. Other times, be quick to either pull out and hope you don't lose your leader, and re-tie direct to a new Madai jig. If you strike when having a snag, most likely you cannot use the first method, and just pull your line out quickly, as the boat will be drifting. Try to save your leader, and you get to fish more.

What Madai jig to use? Most Madai jigs come with nice colourful rubber skirts but their stock hooks and kelvar are below par, and should be changed. I use SJ-41 jigging hooks with 50 pound kelvar, tie a butterfly or double assist. Get it as close to the Madai jig as possible, with 1 hook longer than the other. Colours that i have most effective for me, is red or pink.

So with that, we all went on board Sure Heng, some eagerly with Madai, some skeptical. But at the end of the trip, everyone was on a Madai jig and became a believer. Unfortunately, Baktao was not available to join us, but thanks to him we practically had a trip to remember for the longest time. Now let the pictures do the talking, and i hope when you get a chance to do Madai, give it a shot! Till the next fishing adventure.....

A 30lb boga was not able to scale this monster, the first fish up, and the biggest.

Weiyee showing us how its done, table size grouper.

The boga struggling to hold on to this monster.

The 17ln GAO, had my madai deep in this mouth.
 It was getting crowded at the back of the boat.

The Line up, from left to right, 17lb 19lb and 30++lb Groupers
The Team and our catch.
My 17lb grouper, what an experience

Sure Heng contact can be found on his Facebook, do a search and he does regularly update his catches, so you will know what is biting and what to target.


Anonymous said...

Hi Baktao. I really enjoyed your post.

I am interested in the Weiyee reel from the picture. And i see that you do have it in some of your catch reports too.

Care to share the model and the line used?

Thanks so much.


Nigel said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your kind comments on the post written by my friend Kiat.

Weiyyee is using a Daiwa Luvias 3012, should be 2012 model. Line i think is YGK powerhunter PE2.