Thursday, October 24, 2013

Soon Hock and Peacock Bass at Pandan Reservoir

After a long layoff from night luring, the fish pack were poking at the idea of a night luring adventure at Pandan Reservoir (legal area of course). When the reservoir was first opened for fishing (in the past), the catches were of the very highest standards. Many species and records were broken there. I personally landed some of my biggest Belidas, Oxeye Tarpon and Peacock Bass there. Sadly, after the legal areas were opened, inconsiderate anglers filled the area and did not practise sustainable fishing which led to the demise of many fishes there.

Ok screw all that! The feeling of the cold wind, silent waters still tempted us and we met up at the carpark at the wee hours of the morning. We proceeded to fish around the legal area and the rocks near it. We had not done this in many months but all of us still looked "initiated" in the sense that we went about our business professionally. I wasn't prepared to lose any lures this time and restricted myself to the humble White Rabbit lure! After a few casts and bouncing on the rocks, I had a good sized Peacock Bass take my rubber!

After a long hiatus from luring, ample rewards!
The next catch was not surprising, mainly because I was itching for some Soon Hock! The feeling was simply there because of the amount of rocks I was brushing against. Almost 1 in 3 casts led me to perform "guitar method" when trying to get out the lure from the snags and I even lost one rubber to the infamous neh neh rock!

After a few tries doing parallel casting to the shore from the legal area, I got my wish! A good sized 2lbs Soon Hock landed on white rabbit rubber! Great fight on my 4-8lbs Bassrise, Legalis 1500SH with 6lbs tuffline and 8lbs FC!

Good fight on light tackle!
The groundshots of the fishes!

fatty soon hock!

beautiful colour which is rare from Pandan PBs
I guess the night luring poison is back... We're all back where it started. Like Coldplay once said in "The Scientist", "Oh take me back to the start..." 


Unknown said... u need to pay a fee to fish? Which corner is gd pls?

Nigel said...

no fee but do fish only at legal area pls