Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Southern Islands / St John's Island / Sister Island "Sure Heng, Sure Sleep" Offshore Fishing

Received a shoutout from Alan Chan from the Hooked fishing team about some vacancies on the famous Sure Heng at Southern Islands and I thought why not? Sure Heng sets off from RSYC (Republic of Singapore Yacht Club) and it was near me! Sure Heng trips centre alot on Madai / Tai Kabura, Inchiku, Slow Fall Jigs although there is a fair bit of micro and light jigging too. Fishing grounds are the Southern Islands which can consist of Bukom, Pawai, Sudong, St John's, Sisters, Hantu, Semakau etc.

Weather was good for this trip but that didn't make a difference as the day started out brighly but ebbed into complete misery for some of us.

The theme of the day was probably carpie diem or rather sieze the chance to catch good fish while they were biting.... problem was, they only started biting from 9am - 11am and zilch after that. Nevertheless, some good fishes were landed on the boat by only artificial baits at the ever famous St John's channel. It was here that the famous Singapore Threadfin Salmon and Jewfish craze took place when there was an earthquake sometime back.

Current was extremely fast in the morning and the drifting across the drop offs meant we snagged alot of our madais and 150g was the minium weight used. Many of us hit nothing on this very day while some of us got lucky.

See below pictures for our catches.

Was that sadness in Alan Chan's eyes?

Sagai school passed by and someone hooked one up by the tail!

Alan is on!

decent sized

Biggest gao by Frank

Queenies passed by too but were soon gone
Next visit to Southern's will be on Ah Eng's boat in October ;)

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