Friday, September 6, 2013

Tioman Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort

Tioman Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort was on the Baktao's agenda after countless fishing trips and this was a rather relaxing trip. He got the deal from Discovery Tours Singapore - Just do a search for Discovery Tours Tioman Paya and you can get all the information from their site.

The usual arrangement was to meet outside Galleria (DFS) outside Scotts road and the coach would then take you to Tanjong Gemok to board the ferry to Tioman. There would be a tour guide all the way till Tanjong Gemok but once you board the ferry, it's all free and easy - pretty nifty arrangement this! I booked the full board package meaning all my meals would be provided for and there was a "Renggis Island and Marine Park" snorkeling trip out.

Note that there are many resorts at Paya Beach and one may get confused there. The trick was to turn left after the jetty and walk on! You'll see the sign once you reach Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort or rather Paya Beach Resort (PBR).

During the day he spent the days lazing by the white pristine beach and clear blue waters while doing some snorkeling. During the night, he would sip on his favourite cheap cider - Savanna Dry (Cigarettes and Alcohol are duty free on the island) and have a good BBQ dinner. This was a beach getaway at its best. One could argue that there is nothing to do in Tioman except probably dive, snorkel, visit Mukut waterfalls but.... "Exactly!" is all I have to say. The flexible schedule let us plan our own activities or even sleep in when we felt like it.

The buffet food that PBR served was great and I can safely say that it is "Diver-Approved!". Avid divers would definitely recogize this term as divers are often a hungry bunch after diving. Having good food in unlimited amounts helps the diver regain stamina for more dives! I had the usual ramly burger and magnum ice cream in between too!

The Baktao is an avid Scuba Diver and he was delighted to find Paya Diver Cove right beside our rooms. Although he did not dive, this was a great future spot to hang out at! Instead, I did two long snorkel trips out - they had fins, life jackets, masks/snorkel for rent and although rental was more pricey at Paya Beach Resort than the surrounding small shops, rental was for our ENTIRE TRIP meaning, snorkel and dive as and when you like! For keen explorers like me, this was great as it meant more time in the water. The surrounding small shops charged a cheaper flat rate but it was limited to per day use.

I saw some pretty cool things at Paya's house reef that I didn't think were possible doing snorkeling. Paya's house reef was something like Tioman's Malang Rock although I didn't really recall diving there, it was familiar. I managed to see 2 bluespotted stingrays, school of Barracudas, a humphead wrasse, numerous smaller wrasses, the common nemo/clownfish and so on. I managed to spot a sizeable red bass near the rocks even.

Check out the below pictures during our stay at Tioman Paya Beach Resort and drop me an Email at if you're planning to drop by there and I could probably give you more juice! Pay for my next trip lah... I'll be happy to be your snorkeling guide ;)

 photo IMG_00002433_zps926fdb0b.jpg
Welcome to Paya Beach Resort!
 photo IMG_00002431_zps8b578218.jpg
You can see the best diving area - the big rock. Sweeping the reef to the right of it or round it would be choice
 photo IMG_00002427_zps21e2cd8a.jpg
One of the breakfasts
 photo IMG_00002422_zpsf9b27026.jpg
We ordered additional ramly!
 photo IMG_00002420_zps926cf378.jpg
One of the lunches
 photo IMG_00002412_zps2cd9dec8.jpg
Life at it's finest?
 photo IMG_00002410_zps7dfbee32.jpg
Another breakfast
 photo IMG_00002406_zpsd1a6c05e.jpg
Could resist stingray so ordered it during one dinner! Stingray was too fresh that it tasted strange! Juicy!
 photo DSCN2399_zpse6d22034.jpg
Couldn't help but grab a bite of oyster - it's sustainable, I only had 1 pc out of thousands!
 photo DSCN2394_zpsa49aec7d.jpg
view down under from the big rock
 photo DSCN2384_zpsa51359ca.jpg
If you notice, this patch of urchins actually resemble a heart shape
 photo DSCN2367_zpsfa0fe037.jpg
Salted egg prawns - also a winner
 photo DSCN2332_zpsf99b92fb.jpg
Fishes at marine park
 photo DSCN2320_zps0038d48e.jpg
big but kinda boring
 photo DSCN2233_zps35253724.jpg
wrasse were everywhere
 photo DSCN2205_zpseae12d6c.jpg
snorkeled out to the tank storage location! great view!
 photo DSCN2182_zpsd8f499c5.jpg
viz wasn't so good during the rising tide at the rock area

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