Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My First Tapah Catfish at Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Iwarna

I haven't been fishing actively but here's a short but simple report from Pasir Ris Farmway 3. I'm sure many of you know that the time for fishing at this pond which has given us such a good time is now very limited because of some some lease issues which you can check out here.

I have been a staunch supporter of the pond and have been actively fishing there since it was created. Although the fishing has is now more of fun and relaxing for me nowadays, the pond always takes me back to my roots both as an angler and a moderator of the now defunct fishingnewsroom.com.

The key concept of the pond is not to make money (unlike Fishing Paradise) but to actually promote catch and release via the concept of doing just that but with a huge twist since the fishes in the pond could be said to be exotic - you get the huge Chao Phrya Catfishes, the Alligator Gar, Patins, Pacus and so on. When they first started out, I even saw excited owner Vincent having a blast when lorries came and stocked the pond with massive sized barras and MJs! Many anglers speculate that the pond earns good money because its catch and release but I beg to differ - the owners of the pond constantly stock up the pond with fish, do regular maintenance/feeding. At $30/12hrs, what profit can there be but probably some small change? Big kudos to the management for not even increasing the fishing price since it was opened!

And yet this small paradise tucked away in the east would somehow cease to exist soon...

Anyway, some updates into the current situation at the pond - The tilapias in the the pond have reached crazy proportions and sizes. Chicken liver or meaty bait doesn't last long - it's instant tilapia bite if you're fishing in the day thus I suggest if you're aiming for the biggies, try other tactics other than chicken liver. You may want to cast out cut mango, live tilapia or even float a bread! Of course, you can keep rebaiting with chicken liver too! If all these are not your thing, go fish at night where the tilapias are less active.

Rebaiting every 5 minutes was what I did though and that resulted in my very first Tapah - pardon the video, I made a mistake and kept on exclaiming Kelah hahahaha... Suprisingly for a "Tor Sat", this fella was extremely strong and resorted to dirty fighting by taking me to the structures. No worries though because the calm baktao was always going to win the battle. If you keep your line high and the fish's head up, it's going to be real hard for the fish to snag you. Busting off/getting snagged only happens when you get nervous and lose your cool. Follow the video closely, if the fish veers off to the structures, keep line taut and high - in the way, the fish has no chance to snag onto anything unless it really is sneaky and takes the line around some planks!

First Tapah on drugs!
and as usual, me and the never look at camera pose

Not very professional photos though hahahaha
Good fight on Shimano Bass Rise 5-10lbs and Daiwa Legalis 1500SH (6lbs tuffline, 12lbs dupont leader)


-mindfreak- said...

is it me or their staff always photobombs the catches?

-mindfreak- said...

is it me or their staff always photobombs the catches.

Anonymous said...

Actually the tilapia is also very active at nite. Live baits or sotong tends to survive more than 5 min, less than 10 min.

Unknown said...

Is fw3 c&r there gonna close down too? Anyone kindly let me know. Thanks