Monday, May 6, 2013

Casting and Jigging for Mackerals at Desaru On Malaysia Polling Day!

I realised it's been awhile since I had put up an instant fishing catch report in which CRs were posted the following day after the catch... so here's one! We had a reasonable trip with Boatman Shawn! (oops!) at Desaru that could have been excellent if not for the weather that hit us in the morning when the current was excellent for fishing. Fishing at Desaru is definitely convenient now that there is the new senai expressway... in fact for someone that lives in the west like me, it's almost the same travelling time to fish in Desaru and to fish in Changi offshore!!! I'm pretty sure many kakis will make the switch from fishing in singapore to fishing in desaru because of this... hahaha...

We started the day early at 7am at the Desaru coffee shop meeting place with our usual meal of mee goreng... the ayam goreng has improved and they added some herbs to it! Simply delicious!

Decent plate of mee!
To fire up ourselves!
The cat and mr chong
 We gathered our drinking supplies, ice, snacks and lunch before heading to the beach to meet our boatman.

Kapitan Boatman Shawn
No matter though because Boatman Shawn hit a good 15lbs Tengeri Batang (Spanish Mackeral) on his favourite Jackson pintail 40g! It was a good start for him... though he later resorted to bait (frowns).
The only fish before the storm!
When the storm stopped, we finally could head to another location where there were healthy amounts of baitfish... but alas, the current was starting to die down. Before it completely died down though, we hit a school of Tengeri Papans aka Ma Jiao or King Mackeral... but it was after awhile did we realise they were extremely shy and finicky. They did not respond at all to fast jigging but preferred long stroke jigging with jerk stops / long flutters in between! Best of all, they hit the jigs lightly on the mouths and we had to strike before they took off! This resulted in alot of hookups outside the mouth area and less bust lines!

Storm super skarp and super gomoku were excellent jigs to use for this application... they outfished other jigs as well and all of us switched to the super gomoku lol...

the ball starting rolling
and rolling...
king macks were in
how come got bonito? Bonito on micro jig

I got my king mac too on storm super skarp

fish small also must act cute right? but thats a good close up of the storm super skarp!
Tying the FG knot when you bust your line simply sucks when the action is good but it is a good way of training to tie the FG knot well! Hahaha!

After the short fun, it was dead current and we slowly packed up to make our way back to shore... and also to avoid any voting drama that could take place...
reasonable ok catch for stormy first half and end early
fun kakis always good to have while jigging!
We drove to the customs straight without stopping and surprisingly, no jam on both sides resulted in me getting back at 630pm!~ Got home, cut up the fishes, washed up 163 Kimly Seafood to have Yao Zham Beh Kah and Batang Bittergourd soup!!!

feel like eating it raw...

yao zham time!
Excellent but tiring day...

I'll try to compile a short video on this CR soon...

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