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Ah Ngan Kelong: Yet Another Sibu Kelong Trip On 7 - 9 Jan 2013

Yes yes.... I usually start with "Every year, I make a trip to Sibu Kelong in Malaysia for my yearly squid, selar, cobia trip bla bla bla..." or I will start with "It's been a long long time I been to Sibu Kelong, and we decided to make a trip there finally!".... Ok I guess I'll skip the introductions!

Last trip to Sibu Kelong was in 2011 and I've really had some good fishing and variety during the past two years. I have been more into Deep Sea Jigging, Light Jigging, Micro Jigging etc... But we all got to go back to the basics of fishing some day. Back to jigging for baitfish at sibu, watching the sunset as you cast your live bait out and also simply enjoying the ring of the dinner meal bell at Sibu Kelong. It's much different ball game compared to the resorts at Pulau Sibu like the Sibu Coconut Resort etc... you live rugged, you eat rugged, you fish rugged at a kelong! And you can also take the boats out to Pulau Sibu Or Tingi for some island hopping luring/fishing!

On this trip were a group of newbies and old birds as usual. I seem to favour this combination as a good hand of old hands can really complement the newbies with their experience, know how and fishing techniques. It makes organizing the trip easier as you have some kakis that understand difficult situations and how the flow really works in such trips. I was lucky to have Sim, Kiat, Fengshan and Tian on their x Sibu trip with me. Joining me was Tian's brother and of course the ever affable Nick. Both of them are first timers to the famous Ah Ngan Kelong at Sibu.

The driver picked up the first bunch of kakis at Sim's place at Bedok followed by Commonwealth and then my place at Bukit Panjang. Kiat and gang were to drive to Malaysia in their own vehicle and meet us at Tanjung Leman Jetty.

I was mildly surprised at the Tanjung Leman Jetty though when our kelong was not really crowded...It seems Ah Fatt Kelong was most popular and the other crowds were equally distributed to Hotboys Kelong, Ah Yew Kelong and Ah Ngan (Wing Sing) Kelong. I was shocked though when a large "commercial" ferry came to ferry us from the jetty to the kelong! It picked EVERYONE up and dropped the fishing kakis at Ah Fatt followed by Ah Ngan, Ah Yew and Hotboys! Amazing! Are the authorities really taking safety seriously after the drowning incident at Sibu Kelong that tragic year?! Only time will tell...

Boat ride from Tanjung Leman to Sibu kelong
Arriving at the kelong!

Usually, this time of the year would see crazy monsoon rain and wind which would in turn help the Selar frenzy which was probably what most people go to Sibu Kelong for... but it was a little early in January and the monsoon was not blowing hard yet. Nevertheless, we were extremely surprised with the good patch of Selar Papan schools. They came thick and fast but only bite when you put some bait like prawn meat. That's probably why it's a good idea to bring some prawn meat to Sibu Kelong even though Selars can be caught with Sabikis without the prawn meat! The normal selars though were not really into the frenzy and this might be explained by the freshwater runoff from the nearby "sungei" or river. On a sidenote, Size 3 - 4 white feather sabikis will be good for Tamban but big  Selars would snap the rig while size 6 - 8 Sabikis are good for any baitfish in general. If you are going for Giant Selars, go for sizes above 8.
Line entaglement is common when jigging for selar... when the selar runs into other kaki's rigs!

The kelong lifestyle
During this trip, I had a different aim though and it was to catch my first "Big Fish" preferably a Cobia during Sibu Kelong trips! I had tough luck at Sibu and my biggest fish till date were only fishes like a 1kg Cobia, 1kg Leng Chiam, 1kg Barracuda etc... And I almost got off to a good start when my live Seklar on Cable Car Rig produced a bite! But up came a 1kg Barracuda again!!! And well, it was really silent for the whole 3 days although I kept changing rigs and baits. Maybe it really is the luck here... because I really tried hard here compared to previous Sibu Kelong trips in which I would be jigging for squid, baitfish, light jigging, fishing for todak with noodle rods and doing everything and anything!

The initial showers were refreshing in the morning and rain really gets me up going at a kelong as rain sometimes ignites feeding frenzys and cuttlefish are more active after rain! A very big change from usual sunny day fishing mindset!

wet is good!
malaysia boleh?
more evening scenery at the kelong

Come afternoon as the tide picked up and the current came in, the Selar Papans came in and everyone had fun jigging for them at the side that was against the current.

Before night time, I settled into my usual fishing and relaxation mode... a crucial part of holidaying and relaxing.

Another suprising observation during this trip were the squids... There were actually surplus green eye squid aka chebak or reef squid from the squid season which was extremely surprising since they usually are not around during this period. The familiar tugging of squid felt.... good. I also had a good take on my squid jig from a huge suspected baktao aka cuttlefish... the fight was pretty long but eventually the cuttlefish let go off the jig at midwater... damn?!

A good sized reef squid on yamashita egi oh
Supper being served... quality of food is not as good as last time... Perhaps because Ah Ngan kelong chef has changed?

Introducing Ah Ngan Kelong's new addition to facilities! In house live bait well!!! We caught lots of baitfish and put it in the well... great stuff...

Didn't think there would be monitor lizards on kelong though!!

This is one of the best part of kelong.... breakfast during sunrise!
Food during one of the days...

Sunset during the last day...
Eventually though our trip had to end with not much big catches though I helped someone fight a Queenfish and eventually gaffed it for him... Here's nick with a Todak though

It was 3/4 full of selar and selar papan for me in my 62qt coleman extreme icebox though!!!


Unknown said…
hi! im planning to go ah ngan kelong too. i called and asked him, he said i need to get to tanjong lehman jetty myself. and i cant find any buses to there. how did u get there from singapore?
Unknown said…
hi, i would like to know how did u go to tanjong lehman jetty? i have called ah ngan and he told me i need to get there by myself. no busses >.<
Nigel said…
hi esme,

yes ah ngan doesnt arrange transport for u.

1) u can drive up
2) you can rent a mini van or car if you have enough kakis

perhaps you want to join us on one our trips as we drive up or rent the mini bus. mini bus usually need 6 - 8 pple to make it happen.

Anonymous said…
Hi, can I have Ah Ngan contact and how much they charge for a 2D1N stay?
Anonymous said…
Hi how much is the rate kelong for 2days 1nite and ferry timing
Jojoe said…
Hi Nigel,
I am go Ah Yew this coming Saturday.
Live Prawn at rm130.00 per kg.
Do you know any cheaper Live prawn area there can be grab?

Thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
Hii Baktao Heaven..i'm searching for Tangjung Lehman and seems its doesnt appear in my GPS unit..after that i discovered that it was totally wrong spelling for the place and it should be " Tangjung Leman " ...according to the signboard along the road to Tg Leman,hopefully you can correct the place spelling here because it's dificult for us to find the right place
Nigel said…
Thanks for your information and effort :) I have changed them!
Unknown said…
The feeding frenzy that Baktao talk about I experienced once, at Ah Lian's kelong. The other kelongs were full and we were pushed this ragged kelong that was far out.

In the day, not a single bite so we were all grumbling. After dinner, Ah Lian pointed to the Southeast corner of the kelong told us to try there.

By 7pm, the water was boiling. We were hauling in selars, kebongs, oga and an assortment of other fishes. All of them attacking the jigs like crazy. The selars were big and dipping your jog into to the water will result in 7 selars that you coulding even pulled out, same for the oga, just 3 and you cannot pull out of the water.

My hand became covered with slime and scales I couldn't even hang on to my rod or turn the multiplier properly. By 3am, the action slowed and we had 7 x 48 litre ice box full of fishes.

Only once but remember always.

Haven't fished for a while because busy and now getting back into action, I depended on alot of information from this website so Baktao, thanks!

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