Prawning at Haibin Bishan [CLOSED]

It's another prawning outing at Bishan Hai Bin Prawning and I was super surprised this time... because I was out prawned!
Short rods mean less prawns actually as most prawns are at the middle of the pond!
Another amusing thing during the prawning session was that there were people that brought scissors to snip off the prawn pincers before putting it into the net... I felt that this wasn't really requried because you can hold the prawn pincers together with one hand and take out the hook with the other. The prawn pincers are often neglected but big prawn pincers can really yield a tasty treat. We had a total of around 40 prawn.

Hold the prawn pincers with one hand and impress your date!
Needless to say, the prawns were bbq with salt...though I contemplated bringing some herbs. Lemon pepper and some oregano or dill should work wonders with the blue mountain prawns. After prawning and eating the prawns, I went with R to the nearby Beer Garden and we had a few beers/photos...

Can u believe it? R caught the biggest prawn!

Slow fire locks in prawn juiciness...

Graveyard of Prawns!
There seems to also be a new "yabby" or freshwater lobster pond at Haibin Bishan. The pond is small perhaps 10ft by 5ft and there are only yabbies inside. From initial look, this looks a really smart idea as they only provide extremely short rods. Most prawners here also strike instantly when the yabby still has the bait in the claws... tip here: wait for awhile to strike and strike hard! Always point your rod down while striking to get a little more setting power as the concept of providing short rods lower your chance of a good set!!!

Flaunt your male ego and power

Show off your macho side. Act that it's not pain even though it might for you! prawns pincers are not pain actually... as long as you don't pull out with force after they have hooked onto you!!!
Anyyway, as you can see from the photos, prawning can be a relaxing idea for a date! The ambience at Haibin Bishan Prawning also contributes to the fun factor of prawning. Add the beers, BBQ Chicken wing/Stingray and you have a winning formula for a good date! In fact, you can act the ever macho guy (like me) and help your fair lady unhook her prawns or bbq her prawns! They'll be so touched because girls treat moving prawns like cockroaches!

Oh yes we saw carpark gantry being built at the Bishan Prawning Carpark so it seems parking there may not be free soon!

Hai Bin Bishan Address:
603 Sin Min Avenue Singapore 575735
Tel: +65 6554 1986

How to get there by bus:
Bus: 52, 74, 88, 130, 410G, 410W


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