17 December Johor Shoals Offshore Trip

This trip was a total disaster. I haven't been with this boatman for a long long time now but i must say this will probably be my last time. People can change during a short time.

The moment we boarded the boat, i somehow knew that he was trying to be funny. I checked with him whether we are confirm going Mano Wreck but guess what he tell me? He told me the sinker size will be very big so not going there. I'm not a newbie when it comes to telling the sinker size at that spot during that lunar date. The current will only pick up after 11pm for that day.

Never mind i just kept quiet ... next we are going to jig for small baitfish to use as bait... Guess what he tell me... he said very little so just try awhile then move off already. I manage to get some baitfish at the buoy but there's indeed quite little of them but the impression i get from him is that he is half hearted just park his boat roughly and just wait...

By this time i knew that's it liao this trip is going to be bad.... with the recent rain also being very bad... Well, you know the rest... We caught over 10pcs of duri aka ah seng aka catfish as the water is cold... Some snapper here and there... around 3am the boatman went to sleep already lol...

Here are the pics...

Shawn with a snapper

Nick got a small shark and small fish

I had a nice size Snapper too

Nick testing out his new setup... Eupro Exploder PE 3 - 6 and Daiwa Saltist 40H

Shawn's Tiburon and Hammer Jig rod...

This will be my last southern trip for a long long time....


Paddy Pike said…
Thats a good'ish trip really, But its still nice to see fish on the boat, This skipper will be out of busines very soon if he treats all his customers as he treated you,
Hope you had a great christmas my friend,
All the best to you and yours,
bw said…
whos the boatman? where the location?
Nigel said…
Soh from Changi SAFYC haha.

Thanks paddy for the well wishes!
Anonymous said…
Im trying Ah Chong's boat from southern island next week. Hopefully a good fishing experience =)

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