Deep Fried Cobia Cubes

Alright guys i'm new to this but some kakis asked me to share my recipe for Cobia so here it goes... It's part home made and part research but i've eventually made it my own. The thing with the recipe is i don't know exact quantities of ingredients used so it's better to make your own adjustments as well!

The taste of the Cobia will vary because i usually use fresh cobia that has been caught. Smaller Cobia from 2kg to 6kg will taste better than 20kg specimen. Cobia also taste better when bled.

Deep Fried Cobia Fish Cubes
You have to fillet the cobia and remove the skin. Remove any blood clots or blood from the meat. It will taste nicer this way. You can either cut cubes or even cut slabs and thickness is according to your preference.

- Flour (standby for frying and only use what you need)
- Oregano and Dill
- Lemon
- 1 Egg
- Salt
- Oyster Sauce and Light Sauce
- Black Pepper

Make the marinate with the oregano and dill. Maybe 1 tbsp each? Lemon only... 2 or 3 drops of the juice will do. Salt half a tbsp to 1 tbsp... Oyster sauce maybe 1 big spoon and light sauce 1 big spoon. Add the egg, give the marinate perhaps 5 spoons of water. Add maye half a spoon of black pepper. I use black crushed peppercorns. Beat and mix e whole thing.

Marinate the fish cubes for about 2 hrs. Make sure its soaked.

Make sure the heat of the fire is high enough so that the fish will be crispy... can test the oil by sprinking some flour... Meanwhile u can pour e flour into a bowl and use a chop sticks to coat the fish cubes with the flour. Make sure the fish cubes are all fully coated.

Then just fry the fish. Don't overcook the fish!

Below is the exact recipe that i used a few weeks ago... the Cobia tasted excellent!

I'll be doing up the recipe for the panfried Cobia soon! Stay tuned folks!


ED said…
That's shockaholic. I bet it will taste lovely with the Thai chilli sauce.
Irene said…
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