Friday, December 23, 2011

Triumph Super Shock Leader ( Nylon and FC) and What are Fishing Leaders?

Okay guys, here's some general tackle talk. I have been fishing for a long time now to have seen the Dupont Leader in action but nowadays fishing leaders are very widespread and there are many different types like Fluorocarbon, Nylon and even hi stretch leaders... Here is some basic introduction which may come useful to beginners.

What is a leader?
A leader line is a length of fishing line (usually monofilament) which you attach to your main fishing line (usually braided). Anglers tie the leader to the lure they are using. In a baiting context, the leader may be your terminal rig like your Apollo Rig (Paternoster). Leaders are stiffer, stronger and can have different properties to suit the angler and terrain.

If you are using braided line, it is definitely a must to use monofilament leader as braided line is very visible, it is not abrasion resistant and it is not stretch resistant. Usually, i like to use an FG knot. Look at this video from Jigging Master... Great knot. Uni to Uni is also okay for me but the strength is tied to your leader poundage versus braided line poundage...

FG Knot

Fuorocarbon leader is believed to be invisible to fish, which will naturally help you get more hits. I was a little skeptical at first but eventually, i saw that this is true. But i only use FC line during clear water and day time. It's not really practical using FC line in the night or when the water is murky. Fluorocarbon line is also very abrasion resistant, so it is better used for tricky structures or toothy fish. Do note that it is a little stiffer than normal nylon leaders and hence is a little hard to tie your braided main line onto.

Leaders are often matched to the mainline class that anglers are using. You don't really want to use a 100lb nylon leader on 8lbs braided line!

Ok enough of Basic Introductions!!! Below are the FC leaders and Nylon leaders that i use.... I tend to use Dupont leaders for night fishing or casual fishing too... Only buy the stiffer version...!

I find Triumph Super Shock Leader Nylon and Triumph Super Shock Leader Fluorocarbon a very economical choice when it comes to leaders. I usually get the 30lbs, 40lbs for light jigging and 100lbs for Sailfish or bottom fishing...

To date it has landed me my first 35kg Shovelnose (40lbs FC), Sailfishes (60lbs FC and 100lbs Nylon)...

You can get Triumph Shockleaders at Sabre Tackle... I think the 40lbs FC is at $24 or something

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