Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freshwater Snakehead and some views please!

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Saturday 12 November 2011 - Short Luring Mission

This is actually my exam period but i wanted to cure some exam stress so i checked with Shawn and he was ready to go... but we could only lure for 1 hour from 0630 hrs - 0730 hrs so we bashed in early and made full use of our time.

Shawn was a long lost kaki that over time i lost contact with. Such are the liabilities of a Singaporean man... NS, working to save up for marriage, women... etc. But i've recently got in touch with him and he has joined me in the world of luring. In the beginning, it was like bringing out a total newbie luring. He will do many stunts and leave me very confused. He is also super stubborn and like to buy cheap stuff. Hahaha...

But time passes and Shawn is slowly getting better although he has not landed his giant Toman. It will be another giant step for him once he does that. Right now, he still thinks his tiny setup can land the Toman but i told him he will regret it. Ok now to the fishing!

It was unexpectedly HAPPENING at this spot of ours. Small fish were jumping all over the place and big Tomans can be seen making surface ripples and coming up for air. There were a few fish getting whacked by the Toman. Shawn casted out a top water frog and BAM! A miss! I was putting trust in the Pencil that i got from Aseng. So far it had caught me decent fishes...

Walk the dog.... BOOM! A big Toman rose up to take the lure and make a big splash. FISH ON!!! Shawn came over and make some funny sounds... Sadly, only a 10 second fight.... As i tried to get it out of the weeds using Japanese style tug of war and funny sounds, the split ring gave way... No ordinary split ring mind you. Owner hyper wire 50lbs split ring and Owner ST 2X size 4 gave way! Man...! What a fish! Clipped on a Halco Roosta 38g and popped a way.... MISS ! BOOM! MISS!!! Aggressive fish was chasing the lure! Shawn had misses on his popper too...

It was getting intense but it died down a little... Put on a green pencil and tried the walk the dog slowly... Ka da bam! My pencil went under and fish on!!! Again, Shawn couldnt believe it and came over. Line kept going out as the fish tried to get into the weeds. At one point of time, my hand was on the spool to jam it and i was moving back as i played tug of war with the fish...  Finally i got it out.... it's only a small one at 8.5lbs but it was satisfying!

My first time doing a "kum" the rod with my mouth!

Beautiful colour!

0730hrs came and we gotta go... We will come back the next day!!! Now for the question for my viewers....

We came back the next day on Sunday to catch the fish that were still on frenzy mode but guess what we saw. 4 foreign netters spreading their nets out along all the perimeters of fishing area. There goes our fishing for the day. If this is what they do for food, they gotta do it respectfully!

What we're pissed about is that these people DO NOT CARE about our fish. They will have lots of bycatch like sucker fish and what they will do is throw it on the grass to let it die. They bring home fishes from 500g - 8kg. They sweep the area clean of fish. In the 1 hour that we saw them netting, they have already gotten what we can catch in a day.

It is painful for a lurer like me who has been luring at that spot for ages already and releasing countless nice fish to see them being all brought up like that and thrown on the floor to be brought back... 

I am already considering BRINGING back the fish i catch whether to cook or to release it alive into other healthy water bodies. But i am not doing that as i am being pragmatic. But really, young and budding lurers will be so discouraged...

So viewers, what do you think?


Paddy Pike said...

thats a massive snakehead, never knew they got that big,
Well done on a great capture,

Nigel said...

Thanks Paddy.... Ive seen Snakehead around 12kg!