Friday, November 25, 2011

Singapore Mano Wreck Fishing For Giant Grouper

So here it was, my first trip out to Mano Wreck with Captain James Ang Kong of Strikeforce. I have been hearing alot about this boat and captain from my friends and fishingkaki so when Clarence invited me, i couldn't say no.

Clarence lent me his setup of a Shimano Ocea Jigger 4000P and some heavy rods.... Tom was on a killersword PE 4 - 8 and Accurate 600N i think. We were all using mainline of at least 80lbs and leaders of 100 - 150lbs. Hook size minimum 8/0.

Tom went clubbing the night before so he went into the cabin right after boarding the boat. Wow, i must say that Strikeforce is a damn luxurious boat to be fishing on. It's big, comfortable, has beds and a nice toilet... Beautiful boat.

We went to get our baits for the day which are the usual baitfish at the buoys. Got us some neh buey and selar papan for the Giant Groupers. Captain Ang Kong tried live flower crabs on his last trip but this time couldn't get so we were a little sad.

Fishing for Giant grouper or gao tun is a waiting game. But the captain makes alot of difference in being hardworking and keep exploring different areas of the wreck. We manage to get 3 hook up and all 3 hookups came onboard the boat. Tom was the Champion of the day when he woke up around 1pm and got a 20lb Grouper.... the rest were just babies...

Me and Clarence got a big zero but hey that's fishing right? For me, it's about observing, sharing and having a good laugh.... Enjoy the pictures!

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