Daiso New Lures, Egi and Fishing Things

Ok guys, i'm not sure if you are updated but Daiso at Jurong East IMM has brought in a good selection of new fishing items. I guess they are responding to the good feedback from their previous lures.

Now they have brought in treble hooks(although i don't know how strong they are), jig heads, rubbers, some long profile slim minnows and new egi! Their usual crankbait, rattling vibe and small popper series now has a good range of colours. It's great to see this happening... hopefully they will have a rod and reel section next kekeke..

Oh yeah, i'm slowly trying to get rid of my squid jigs but i couldn't help but buy these ... too nice to resist omg... Oh ya in case you're wondering, Daiso squid jigs do work... I love them....they really copy yamashita well...


Anonymous said…
hey have u tried the floating minnow? just wondering how far u can cast it on average? i got the 13g one but can only cast like abt 20-30m max? a side qns to ask..will a stiffer or ligther rod help u to cast further?
Paddy Pike said…
I am impressed with the jigs, But there are some top Lures there that i think would be good for Pike, So now i am going to search ebay haha,
Great reporting Nigel,
A Kopio said…
BP plaza daiso also got jigs if you still want. last time was there and bought quite a few.
Anonymous said…
When was that bro?
A Kopio said…
Bro, i bought 1 week ago. they should have more stock later.
Alan chan said…
TT get some for me too......
Anonymous said…
Lol there's only 1pc of 16g jig left... Sad
Anonymous said…
where can i buy those EGI lures? i really have no idea..i will just give it to a friend as a gift..any suggestions?

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