Tanjung Pinang Kansas 99 Fishing Trip With Dad and Gan

My dad and his kakis booked a trip to TP with Kansas 99 and i had to follow as my dad was clueless about what to bring and so on. I got ourselves a few "ah lau" cheap tackle for the trip and we were all set!

Catch was not fantastic but could have been so much better if we fished throughout! All of us went to sleep at around 11pm on both nights!!! Also, our gear cannot make it... as almost all of us were using ah lau setups some even with mono line... many big rays, shovel nose and cobia were lost... Day time was better as fishes were smaller and the gang could manage...

Loading freshwater!

En route!


En route to the spot, I had a Rapala Magnum CD14 Firetiger running for a few hours but there were no takes at all. First spot was at the FAD and we got some baitfish for bait. The deckies got a few bonito and spanish macks on the sabiki so that was an eye opener!

Captain informed us that night time was going to be slow but if anything came by, it will be BIG.

He was certainly true about that... everything that came visiting was indeed big. We lost a few Cobias, Golden Snappers and others. We had a ray on the line for around 1 hour but we still couldn't bring it in! It got bust on the leader after 1 hour plus of taking turns. It was on 65lbs Tuff mainline and 100lbs leader!!!

Of course, we landed some rays and the Cobia or two... Little guy having a try!

Come morning, the catch was better and I managed to bag a parrot fish, coral trout (which took stinky squid gut)! Catch was sporadic and not bad for the morning.

The second night was the best.... Here's a recount of what happened...

Second night and i decided to take a risk...and got away with it. Put down a rangong rigger 5ft off the bottom(to try and avoid stingrays) with some smelly squid slice. Mainline was PE 2.5 YGK Power hunter on an accurate 197. Rod Calstar 10-25lbs gf600xl. leader 40lbs trimpuh FC... hook were 2 x 3/0 owner aki twist. Swivel seahawk 100lbs.

We were catching some ah seng prior to this so when i got a bite i was skeptical lor... Strike the bugger and reel in... it was kinda light so just put it on the rod holder and reel in... around 5 seconds of reeling in, the fish realise it's being hooked and suddenly i felt the line tension go off.... oh no something is wrong... lots of loose line. Took up the rod and reeled in like mad(197 low speed @!$!@%). Oh no oh no this looks like a big one.

Got line tension back and gave it a few good japanese styls setting of hook. Next 20 seconds, hell broke loose. It was the first time i heard my 197 SCREAM high pitched without ratchet on... 20 seconds of non stop line peeling and even water was spray on my face by the reel. Captain was saying it's a china man fish. Kekekeke...

For the next 10 mins it was a massive tug of war... reel screaming and angler suffering. Everyone stop fishing and came over to look. Fight was easy at first but at 10mins, the fish surface.... the deckies went mad.

"PANJANG PANJANG PANJANG"... lol dun need to understand what they saying a long figure was in the water and it's name was mr shovelnose. captain was super cool just say relax.... i was not really cool coz i knew the fish was not tired yet... if it's one chance to get this fella, it's now ... when it realise its not in danger yet.

1st gaff went in... the fella got off the gaff, broke the gaff in two and next 2mins was 150m of line gone. I was at sunset drag from the start.... and this fella can pull.

Next 10 mins was another tug of war... u take line i take line. U run, i reel. Luckily, was using low speed version of 197. At times i just stick the rod against the railing and cranked...

At 20 mins, the fish surfaced again and this time no mistake by the deckie. 3 Gaff went in. During the hauling up, the fish dropped back into the water lol. Only 1 gaff left. Gaff were put in again but when hauling up, drop again. Fish was struggling against the railing... finally with 5 man, the fish was hauled up...

And the photo taking session begin... Landed the bugger in 30mins with the help of my trusty rod and reel... so many times I high sticked the rod and hoped the bugger won't run while I hi sticked.

It was a fish of a life time and everyone went home with happy faces as they have their own pictures for their reference next time... It was a special feeling to give those merlion heroes some laughter and something to talk about...

My first ever shovelnose ray!

Last morning surprise catch 2 x ang cho on smelly fish meat. If only we woke up earlier to fish!

Total catch!

Well that's it guys... a report done up very fast... next quickie report will be a short trip to Pulau Tinggi!


Paddy Pike said…
I read through and looked at the pictures, And my heart started racing with the excitement you had put into the writing, Then the pictures of the fish you had eventualy managed to land, Its huge but its got to be your personal best Nigel for that water, I have never seen one before, You all must have been well happy,
Top Fishing my friend,
Nigel said…
It's my best exotic and my first of this species! Thanks for dropping by Paddy.

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