Exploring new fishing spot for snakehead haruan

Forging ahead... or so they say. My uncle asked me if i wanted to explore a certain place with him. It was prime Haruan spot according to him. Well, he was right... I think we got more than 10pcs but they were all pretty small. I brought the bigger scum frogs which resulted in lots of misses. my Uncle, the AH LAU did well with his AH LAU spinning technique with a spin blade. He even showed me his cheapo rubber lure. Nope, not Keitech not Javallon but just some rubber grub. It actually worked miracles for him!

Nothing beats exploring nature and taking photographs of the scenes around you. Every new water hole makes your heart go faster and to pause in your tracks... and listen to the crickets and birds do their thing will you are just a small little thing in their big world. Priceless! Below are some pictures of our exploration trip...


One of the countless haruan caught


Anonymous said…
nice! i know where this is! haha :P didnt think ppl will go in so deep...
Nigel said…
It's a nice place... many holes to fish..
Mindlooper said…
Yeah Nigel, I agree wif e sentence u used ~ "every new water hole makes your heart beat goes faster and to pause in your track" I njoy bashing n exploring new holes. E expectation juz lift ones spirit sky high. Haha. Njoying ur bashing n may u seach a gd gd spot. =)U stay near me, got time i get your number from Ay and contact if u mind.
Mindlooper said…
Eh.... cannot see wat i post, haha, I wanted to say if u dun mind. haha. njoy.
Anonymous said…
ya ya lots..but is it legal? i think the 1st big water body u see on the outside near the main road is not right?
were there lots of mosquitoes when u went there?
Paddy Pike said…
Looks ideal there and very peaceful, But i just know you had lots of fun,
Jali said…
woah. bro. can jio me lure someday? I promise to keep place a secret!
Anonymous said…
who is fireopal on SGFishchaser?
Nigel said…
Dont know who is fireopal..

Jali and ML,

I prefer to fish alone cos i hate to arrange. Haha. And i fish outdoors usually maybe few times a year so i hardly ask anyone too :)

With your spirit of adventures, i dun think u need anyone to bring u. Just find wateR!
Anonymous said…
Bro,can favour favour share the spot?
Johnark said…
hi, havnt caught any fish when i went fishing in the wild. could u let me know is where is this place in singapore. like which reservor? dont need to tell me exact location cuz i know people dont really like to share their secret fishing holes. look forward to hearing from u soon.

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