Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preparing For Tanjung Pinang Trip

I was shocked when my dad expressed interest in going to TP(Tanjung Pinang) for some bottom fishing action. He said he was following his friend and asked me along too. Since it will be a trip that i won't be paying for, i agreed! Well that leaves the tackle preparation to me and i found the best and cheapest stuff around for us to get prepared. I got myself 2 overhead lever drag reels for bottom fishing. You always want overhead reels around as we have to crank the sinkers from a depth...

I got myself the Pioneer 10 trolling reel and Shimano Charter Special 2000 LD.

I was surprised with the two reels as i fully suspected that i needed to change the drags to HT drags... but both in both reels the drags were awfully strong. The charter special is definitely a workhorse but time will tell whether the Pioneer can stand up to abuse. Having good drag is one thing... whether the components can stand up to the abuse is another...

We'll be using both reels for trolling and bottom fishing! Here's the specs of the reels. You can get the Pioneer at Hong Guan.

Shimano charter special 2000LD
- Lightweight, dependable leverdrag reel, with levelwind
- Graphite frame and sideplates
- Aluminum spool
- Barrel handle grip
- 3 A-RB® (Anti-Rust Bearings)
- Counter balanced handle
- Clicker

Pioneer 10 Trolling Reel
- 1 pc corrosion resistance graphite frame
- 4 s
- stainless steel gears
- Anodised machine cut aluminium spool
- Carbon disc water protected drag system
- Gear ratio 4.0:1

That's all folks... I had a bashing trip for Haruan last weekend... I'll post it up next...

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