Pulau Tinggi Bakar Island Adventure Prelude

Stay tuned for the report guys as i get some photos from the rest...

It's a trip where Jamie landed his first... unknown species... What was it?!?!

It was the catch of a life time for Jamie... what fish is it?!?!


Paddy Pike said…
Hahahaha you can't do that Nigel, What fish is it hahahahaha
Could it be a massive Perch ????
Anonymous said…
Suspence. Suspence kennot wait le.. ;) Wat fish?
Anonymous said…
IT IS YOU!!!! lol
Nigel said…
Keep it coming guys... Clue... it took the lure on topwater!!!
Anonymous said…
must be caught in speedboats' propeller la...dun keep us in suspense can!?!
Nigel said…
Nope... what propellor?!
Anonymous said…

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