Tropical Island Offshore Fishing and Relaxation at Pulau Tinggi Day 1

Cheong invited me on a 3D2N relax trip near one of the tropical islands near Sibu Island at Malaysia. I told myself why not... and quickly confirmed my slot. Joining me on the trip were Tian and his Malaysian friends who were organising the trip. His Malaysian friends were actually driving up from Malacca. That was even further than us!

We boarded the speedboat at Tanjung Leman Jetty and arrived at the island. We will be doing 3 x 6 hrs of offshore fishing whenever we wanted to. It was free and easy offshore. All meals will be on the island and we had a nice room set up for us. Those that want to stay on the island can just stay on the island. Note that the island is a marine reserve and you cannot fish there. The island looks very promising for squid and smaller GT.

Live prawns!

Mingling at the jetty

Island view


Lunch before we went off to fishing offshore for the afternoon session

Live prawns and market squid were the baits that we brought up to the trip. Initially, i thought of doing some light jigging but the current was too strong and most of the time we were anchored. The first spot at the unjam(FAD) resulted in alot of Selar from using sabiki. These Selar were huge and whole strings were coming up. We noticed the selar we were bringing up had alot of bite marks so some of us did some live baiting. Someone behind was using handline and his live bait was an 8 inch leng chiam(emperor snapper). He tied his handline onto a rod while he used live prawns for other fish on another handline. Wow... the rod was bent sometime later and he started the tug of war with the fish... The fish immediately rose to the surface and gave a big splash and the fun began...

Cobia lost...

Well... the cobia was lost during the gaff... what a pity...

After the episode of the Unjam, we head to the reef spots for a shot at some parrot fish but only some kaci(sweetlips) appeared. The bite was very small and we landed a few pieces before going back to the chalet for dinner.

Only a few kaci

Dinner was great and we loved the chili.


Soon, we saw that locals were eging at the jetty and well i decided to join them. It was a dream come true for me since i brought my eging tackle along with me during the trip. The owner of the chalet saw us bringing our rods over to the jetty and did not stop us. Well i guess a little fun at night was not that illegal right? Well, in my opinion, these rules of not fishing in the marine reserve are probably there to deter trawlers, dynamite fishing or netting. Locals or anglers casting a lure or two are probably okay as long as you respect the place.

Eging was not easy as there are many corals, rocks and seaweeds around. I lost a few squid jigs here. The squid seemed to be looking for food all over the place so it's hard to get alot of bites. One must cast non stop and find the squid but at night you can't see where the rocks/corals are. The Yamashita warming jacket worked wonders here and i will get more of it for sure... Natural colours are recommended because of the clear water.


After eging, we changed the water for the live prawns and went to sleep. Our next timing would be 4am in the morning as the boatman advised us the early part of the night was strong current. I had a good cuppa hot drink before i turned in for the night.

Washing tackle and changing live prawns

Missed this too!


Paddy Pike said…
That was great Fishing by the look of it, And the Views are fantastic, Excelent Blogging,

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