Thursday, April 28, 2011

Changi Offshore 26 April 2011 With Some Relatives

I had a good ol Changi offshore with some of my uncles and my cousin. My dad couldn't make it as he was busy at work so we were all a little disappointed though. The water condition was bad today and it was sort of brown and a little smelly. There seemed to be an oil spill and we could see the oil response team in action. The captain mr chong said the water also was spoiled due to the river flooding in Kota Tingi due to the freshwater rainfall over the past few days. Schools of baitfish and even big fishes like queens can be seen sticking near the surface and swimming very sluggishly.

We were still optimistic and rode our luck though. Action was very slow for the morning and looking at the tide, we thought things would improve after lunch... but even as high tide came in, the fishes were not feeding. A thing to note was small fishes were not around today. All fishes were almost around the kg mark or over except for the small snapper and grunter. We saw something surprising though... a bonito school splashing on the surface with more than a dozen seagulls above somewhere at Hyundai Beach...amazing...

I'll try to book another date for my relatives and this time maybe my dad could go.

Here's the catches i got a big fat zero but and next weekend I'll be at Pekan again... hehe...

Sim with the first one...

Sim was on fire

One of the handline

Another on the handline

A few juicy complaints right?

Pity that the small snapper and gelama couldn't be released... they were actually dead and couldn't make it because the lines had tangled up badly and nobody realized... we got a shock when we reeled in and there were fishes on the line.


Fish Whisperer said...

Well done, some nice eating fish there.

Hedonist said...

nice looking groupers !

Paddy Pike said...

Just Come back for another look and all your pictures have gone, Must be you Picture host,
Well done again,

Ke Jun said...

Hey nice fish. Pardon me if I can ask how much is the boat for this trip? charges by per day? Thanks looking for good lobang

Nigel said...

It's $250 weekday, $280 weekend. Pls call ah chong the boatman for the contact 96953036

Nigel said...

It's $250 weekday, $280 weekend. Pls call ah chong the boatman for the contact 96953036