Kong Kong River Mangrove Luring Catch Report Part 2

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As we sat around and gave ourselves empty looks, we wondered about the next spot. Our air of sanguinity was gone.

We were brought up into the hunt again with what we saw next. An air of shock passed over us when we went literally into the spot. It was a place that one would appreciate instantly. Thoughts of Giant Grouper and Threadfin Salmon crossed my mind. Concrete pillars all around us and the waves crashing against them. The sun was washed out of the pictures and we were grateful for once!

Alan was still being pessimistic though… 

As was I! Or was I?

Come on baby!

Tough luck… the fish weren’t happy it seems! Alan gave up after awhile as Weiyee and me found cheap thrill in using mashed fish meat as bait for the Gelamas (Croakers). We amassed a number of them.

Alan using his Golden Pillow

It was already mid day and we had only a box of dead baitfish to show for…

Oh and some croakers too…

The Captain and Alan dozed off while the rest of us busied ourselves with getting croakers while the big guns were waiting for the big fishes to knock. That didn’t last long though and we were soon going to another spot. The next spot was like Changi Offshore. The water colour said it all…

There were these wooden stakes in the water that were arranged in stacked manner. They were very attractive to drift about but our Captain chose to anchor instead. It was only moments after dropping our lines that our Captain got a good hit on live fish. After a lukewarm fight on his heavy gear, a fingermark said hi. I must admit this really got us up and going because these fish usually parade in schools. So we were treat to optimism again and tried everything.

The Captain with the fish.

I would not comment on what happened next but no other fish came up. The area was totally barren now. We moved back to the last spot when we deemed our senseless baking in the sun… well… too senseless for us.

Back at the same spot different pillar

The Captain floated out a live fish here and something took his bait. We all thought it was a big one but no… a cute Queen surfaced. Well at least Weiyee got something worthwhile to take a picture for!

Don’t tell them it’s not my fish!

Another few minutes at the spot and we called it quits. We were quite frankly too frustrated and weary to care about fish anymore. We hit the jetty in good time and saw that other groups didn’t have a fantastic catch as well. The showering facilities at the boathouse are kinda luxurious though. Hot water, Free Shampoo/Soap and for once I didn’t need to use water from a pail to flush down my shit.


Afternoon Shot of KK River

We had a bath and talk with the lady boss and off we went. Our bodies were hungry and we wanted food! What better way to have it then to visit a seafood restaurant?!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking here!

Live Seafood at Restoran Todak!


Fish Whisperer said…
To bad no fish, All of the places looked good but nothing biting. Better luck next time.
Tight lines
Paddy Pike said…
Just as promised part 2 is great, I bet the fishing is fantastic under the bridges, But the food at the end of the day looks really good,
Top report Nigel,
Nigel said…
Thanks guys. Hope our second trip there produces! Tightlines!


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