Saturday, September 18, 2010

Storm Riders At Changi 17 September 2010

The wash of the waves against the hull gave me a pleasant recollection of the great times I had at Changi. The smell of the sea air made me feel refreshed even if it were for those few seconds. It had already rained early on before we even board the boat but I was still eager to start and fire up. I paced around the boat and hovered around my comrade in arms.

The rain had stopped...

I shouted to Ah Chong and had the usual banter with him. Ah Chong’s current joke was a lurid one.

Customer: “Ah Chong, how come your boat no GPS?”

Ah Chong: “Wo de GPS zai ze li(My GPS is here)… (Points to his crotch)

That joke really made the morning and gave us high hopes. Ah Chong seemed to be high on hormones recently. That might explain his NEW toilet pics!

We bought the prawns and ice from the fish farm before Ah Chong slowly cruised to one of the spots that were producing. I recognized the spot instantly. It was the spot that in a previous trip we got a total of 25 pcs of Golden Snapper(Ang Cho) even before mid day.

The prawns...

The area was extremely shallow around 2 – 3m and we did drift fishing. The first 30 minutes were awesome and 4 of us immediately broke our golden eggs. Sadly, I wasn’t one of them. 3 beautiful snappers were brought up by Shawn, Weiyee and Ah Chong himself.

Weiyee and Shawn with their prizes

I was abuzz with optimism as always and hoped we would break the double digit mark by mid day… But you know what???

This happened…

A storm came to us smack in the middle of our sunny fun fishing. This is fishing… at its best and worst. You have to respect the weather… because time, weather and tide does not wait for any man.


High spirits still!

The rain was us over in an instant and the wind was literally howling against us… So much for own great start! We were confined to the sheltered waters and spent our time drifting around like a little tub caught in a storm. We kept our lines out but the sudden downpour meant the fishes were just simply not interested.

We kept this up until the rain went away but were dismayed at the water condition. It was like milk tea. I kept thinking to myself… this was supposed to be a golden day with golden fish and golden faces! But I steeled myself knowing that this was part and parcel of fishing.

Captain Chong was extremely accommodating and shifted spots frequently so we could find some fishes. Today was supposed to be an extremely neap tide which is excellent for drift fishing but the undercurrent was forced to run amok due to the freshwater wash. We were frustrated by this and it was quite some time before we got a suitable fishing site.

The action here lasted around 30 minutes and it stopped when the current had totally changed. I was just about giving up and my mind was drifting away… just then Peter shouted…

“Nigel! Nigel! Your rod!” he said…

I was dumbfounded as I saw my rod dipping! I grabbed hold of it and gave it a great tug. The fight was on! This fish was not a fighter… I was thinking it was a catfish but turns out it was a decent Grunter (Guhood). The fish didn’t take out any line and the fight was disappointing but I was not complaining

A great fish...

Shawn also brought up an amazing White Threadfin (Bai Ngor) on his light setup. Today was his day and his fishing luck has sure built up after ages of not fishing. A couple of Gelamas were landed throughout this golden period but no more biggies…

Shawn hit it!

The sun was coming out now though it was slowly going down into the horizon… The fishing troops tried their best today but were beaten… Still had a few fish to pass around for the pot though!


Till the next trip… The next day’s trips should be good… great water and weather… Tight lines everyone!



Fish Whisperer said...

Great trip and a lot of really good eating fish. Well done.
Tight lines

Paddy Pike said...

That is one of the best reports i have ever read, The weather is barmy and yet inbetween the downpoors and wind you all managed to catch good fish, Oh the toilet wall paper is a great idea, I wonder if it would catch on here in the UK hahahahahaha,
All the best Nigel,

Nigel said...

Thanks for the lovely comments guys! It's really been some time since i fished! Evidently, the long time no fish stored luck theory didnt work this time!